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(Dec. 8, 2015) — If the politically correct, constantly offended, Cultural Marxists are to be believed, Thanksgiving weekend in the city of Chicago, a legion of Confederate Battle Flags worked their way through the streets of that city killing 8 and wounding 20. This brought the total of shootings by these offensive flags to 2,700 for the year in Chicago alone. Absurd, you say? Definitely, but if it is absurd, it can be no more so than the claim that same flag is responsible for the deaths in Charleston. S.C. or any other place, for that matter.

The Cultural Marxists, complemented by their shills in the media and millions of ignorant people who have joined the Cultural Marxist religion, believing their original sin was being born white, have been able to create an atmosphere of emotionalism which totally contradicts historical facts.

The basic irrefutable facts are: there is no one alive in this country today who owns a slave, but there are a multitude of slaves in this country of all skin colors whose master is the central government. I refer you here to the work of Professor Jeffrey Rogers Hummel, “Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men: A History of the American Civil War.”

The Cultural Marxist who created and control both the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) have affiliated themselves with government and are working tirelessly to destroy the culture that brought this country to prominence.

One might want to ask the question: for decades why was W.E.B. Dubois the only Black officer in the NAACP? Another good question would be the same one asked by the Montgomery Advertiser in 1996 in an expose on the SPLC: why  “no black person has held a top-level management position, and only one black staffer has ever been among the top five paid positions?”  The expose also noted “One thing remains a constant at the nation’s wealthiest civil rights charity, the Montgomery-based Southern Poverty Law Center: All the top-paid, top-level management jobs are held by whites.” 

I will leave it to my readers to investigate as to exactly who is behind the NAACP and SPLC and is driving the attack on the Confederacy and the Confederate Battle Flag and all things Southern. I’m sure to do otherwise would simply enhance my racist credentials.

What exactly is a “racist” according to the Cultural Marxists, who, of course, drive popular opinion because they have the press as their promotional agents. Am I a racist because I honor the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of Confederate soldiers of all races who gave the ultimate sacrifice, didn’t own slaves but gave their all to the principles espoused by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence? As General Thomas Jackson once said to his aide Sandie Pendleton.

“Mr. Pendleton, if the Republicans lose their little war; they’re voted out in the next election and they return to their homes in New York, or Massachusetts or Illinois, fat with their war profits; if we lose, we lose our country, we lose our independence, we lose it all.” ~ General Thomas Jonathan Jackson (Stonewall) 1862.

Slavery, although morally reprehensible, was legal in 1861, just as many of our laws today are morally reprehensible but also legal. To enslave another human being is morally wrong, but taking the lives of 4,000 of the unborn on a daily basis is acceptable in what truly moral society?

Do we ignore the service of Blacks in the Confederate Army in order to fulfill the agenda of Cultural Marxists, the media and the legions of ignorant Whites who have been converted to emotional cripples by political correctness? There is documented evidence provided by members of the Union Army itself that constitutes the proof of Black Confederates in the ranks and serving in combat roles.

First, is the Chief Inspector of the US Army Sanitary Commission (Hospital Corps), Dr. Lewis Steiner,

“Wednesday, September 10–At four o’clock this morning the rebel army began to move from our town, Jackson’s force taking the advance.  The movement continued until eight o’clock P.M., occupying sixteen hours.  The most liberal calculations could not give them more than 64,000 men. Over 3,000 negroes must be included in this number.  These were clad in all kinds of uniforms, not only in cast-off or captured United States uniforms, but in coats with Southern buttons, State buttons, etc. These were shabby, but not shabbier or seedier than those worn by white men in rebel ranks.  Most of the negroes had arms, rifles, muskets, sabres, bowie-knives, dirks, etc.  They were supplied, in many instances, with knapsacks, haversacks, canteens, etc., and were manifestly an integral portion of the Southern Confederacy Army.  They were seen riding on horses and mules, driving wagons, riding on caissons, in ambulances, with the staff of Generals, and promiscuously mixed up with all the rebel horde. (Report of Lewis H. Steiner, New York: Anson D. F. Randolph, 1862, pp. 10-11)”

Secondly, let us take a look at the report of Union Colonel Peter H, Allabach who was deployed with Union forces at the Battle of Chancellorsville.

“Under this disposition of my command, I lay until 11 o’clock, when I received orders from you to throw the two left regiments perpendicular to the road, and to advance in line of battle, with skirmishers in front, as far as to the edge of the wood bordering near the Chancellor house. This movement was explained to me as intended to hold the enemy in check long enough for the corps of Major-Generals Couch and Sickles to get into another position, and not to bring on an action if it could be avoided; and, should the enemy advance in force, to fall back slowly until I arrived on the edge of the wood, there to mass in column and double-quick to the rear, that the artillery might fire in this wood. I was instructed that I was to consider myself under the command of Major-General Couch.

In obedience to these orders, at about 11 o’clock I advanced with these two regiments forward through the wood, under a severe fire of shell, grape, and canister. I encountered their skirmishers when near the farther edge of the wood. Allow me to state that the skirmishers of the enemy were negroes.” (Report of Col. Peter H. Allabach, 131st Pennsylvania Infantry, commanding Second Brigade, in Official Records, Volume XXV, 1889, Chap. 37, Part I – Reports, p. 555) (Emphasis in the original)

Were the Confederate soldiers who were American Indians also racists? The Confederacy had the only man of color who was promoted to the rank of General in either army. That would be, of course, General Stand Watie, a proud Cherokee. There was also Thomas’s Legion which was made up of Whites and Indians. As a matter of fact, the Five Civilized Tribes aligned themselves with the Confederacy at the outbreak of the war. Were they all racists?

What about the Hispanics who fought for the Confederacy? Were they also racists? Official records show there were over 2,550 who fought in the Confederate ranks while less than one thousand fought for the Union.

I honor the service and sacrifice of all Confederate soldiers; White, Black, Indian and Hispanic. I honor the Battle Flag they fought under. Do the Cultural Marxists refuse to honor the service of Blacks, Indians and Hispanics who fought and died for the Confederacy and under the banner of St. Andrews Cross when they refer to those of us who do as racists? To ignore the service, history and sacrifice of these brave men constitutes a crime far beyond any effort at political correctness designed to purposely separate the races.

Examine closely, please, the role of the Cultural Marxists and their blatant racist agenda. Who profits from such an agenda? Ignoring the roles of the various races that fought for the ideals of the Confederate Army is in itself an act of racism. Will the real racists please stand up?

If the Battle Flag of the Confederacy offends you—your ignorance and cowardice offends me—live with it.

In Rightful Liberty

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