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(Nov. 28, 2015) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and thanks for tuning in to the most-watched show in this time slot. Tonight’s journey will take us into the underworld of government doublespeak, an Orwellian word that is alive and well today. Actually, our government is so far out-of-sync with the American people as to be made up of two opposing forces: what the government is doing and what the people want. To put it all in perspective we’ve asked a previous guest, Jeremy H. Clark, to be our guide.

“Welcome back, Mr. Clark. So here’s the question: who understands that the ‘government’ and the ‘people’ are two different and separate animals?”

“Not as many as one would think, if the continued support of the National Socialist Party, aka Democratic Party, is any indication. People, on the whole, want to believe their fellow citizens aren’t con-artists and swindlers, but what if their elected representatives, starting with the local school board — who are, in reality, waiting to be unindicted co-conspirators — are crooks? What if they are getting paid by the big schoolbook publishing companies, if by no other means than by having a job at the school board in the first place and collecting a vastly inflated paycheck (subsidized by the very people they’re taking for a ride: the American taxpayer)? The world is skewed.

“Look, the government isn’t made up ‘of the people.’ The government is made up of government employees, an entirely different animal from one who goes through life as an individual rather than a member of the herd. The ‘Herded Human’ is a dangerous animal to the ‘Look, I Can Take Care of Myself Human.’ The ‘Herded Human’ takes great pleasure and satisfaction in putting the ‘Look, I Can Take Care of Myself Human’ to the wall whenever they can. Maybe it’s not consciously or on purpose, but the end result is that the IRS, EPA and every other government agency don’t go out of their way making life easier for the ‘Look, I Can Take Care of Myself Human;’ rather, it’s the opposite: they add more and more rules and regulations, and there’s no better example of government completely out of control than Obamacare.

“But that’s just one aspect of government overreach: there’s a decidedly more destructive and sinister type of government overreach, and that is the purposely planned elimination of the Constitution by attacking the Bill of Rights. By process of elimination, the government is systematically circumventing and abolishing, one by one, either directly or congruently, Freedom of Speech, the Second Amendment, and all the other Amendments.

“Take the Second Amendment. First of all, the order in which the Amendments are listed in no way, shape or form has anything whatsoever to do with the importance or desirability of any particular Amendment, for if that were so, surely the Second would be the First, because without the second there can be no other and, consequently, no Constitution. The Second Amendment, as it turns out, is the key to protecting the Constitution.

“‘The Herded Human’ has no need for protection because ‘The Herded Human’ has law enforcement and the military at its disposal. It’s the ‘Look, I Can Take Care of Myself’ crowd that needs the weapons to protect itself from government, and therein lies the dilemma of the fallacy of ‘government by the people.’

“I’ll say it just once, then I’ve got places to go, people to meet. Here it is: the narrative of a government ‘by the people’ is wrong. Wrong as in ‘not true.’ The ‘Herd’ is not ‘the people.’ The herd wants to abolish the Second Amendment: the people want to keep their guns and buy more. Are we emphatically clear on this issue, that the Judicial, Executive, Legislative, and the overwhelmingly top-heavy bureaucracy want to render the people defenseless? On purpose? For what purpose? And if that answer isn’t beyond obvious, then you’ve the herd mentality. End of story.

“And that’s your answer. I’d like to thank you for having me on and giving me the opportunity to share with your viewers what’s at stake: the abolishing of the Second Amendment means, unequivocally, the end of our country.”

“Ah, thank you Mr. Clark, enjoyed your commentary. Well, you heard it as well as I: we’re living in a country that has a government that is neither of nor by the people. As a matter of fact, we have a government that’s out to get us by circumventing the Second Amendment, thereby leaving us defenseless against a bureaucracy that is made up of ‘Herded Humans’ who’ve lost their ability to think for themselves. Bunch of Obots, if you ask me.

“I see our sound-boom lady signaling me we’ve run out of time. Oh, wait, Mr. Clark wants to say something.”

“I’m supporting Trump and I hope you do, too.”

“A plug for Trump, fine. Will do; we feel the same. Okay, thanks again. And that’s our show. This is Roving and crew saying goodnight: Goodnight.

“Hey, Mr. Clark, okay, Jeremy, we’re about to go to the gun range and shoot off a couple of boxes. You’re welcome to come, and there’s a dynamite burger place next door. My treat. Great!”

Semper Fi