by Bob Russell, ©2015, blogging at Conservative Daily News

(Nov. 27, 2015) — The “Holiday Season” is upon us and, as usual, those liberals who hate God insist that everyone abandon God and say happy holidays instead of the traditional season’s greetings that most of us use. Not willing to bow to satanic political correctness, at my house we will honor Jesus Christ, the inspiration behind the CHRISTmas holiday season. The Veterans Administration minions of fuhrer obama have declared that CHRISTmas trees and the greeting honoring God will not be used at any facility under their jurisdiction but will instead boot God out of the season honoring the human birth of His Son, Jesus Christ, in favor of a more secular humanist/pagan observation. I WILL NOT COMPLY, choosing instead to stand firm with Almighty God. Those people will stand before the judgment throne of God one day and I doubt that He will be as understanding as they think, considering there is no political correctness in the Holy Bible. Those who choose to shun Jesus in this life will be shunned in eternity, spending their eternal lives in the Lake of Fire, hell, with the father of political correctness, satan/allah.

This nation, founded by Christian men based on the precepts taught by Jesus Christ and the prophets of God, has been and is being turned into another nation ruled by evil men and women who flip God the bird and declare that they know better how things should be, an arrogance brought to them by the master of lies and deception, Lucifer. People try to tell me the founders were atheists and agnostics but the words and writings of the founding fathers show that to be lies and I will never drink the poisonous kool-aid they try to pass out.

A war is coming to this nation that will make the Revolutionary War of 1776 and the Civil War of 1860 pale in comparison. It will be a bloody and vicious affair, pitting the forces of God against the forces of satan. It isn’t the Battle of Armageddon described in the Book of Revelation but it will be a version of it and may very well be the first battle of the final conflict in which satan/allah/lucifer and all of his followers are cast into the Lake of Fire for eternity. Too many people in this nation today take the seemingly easy way out by bowing to the evil people ruling now, thinking they will be safe from government tyranny, just as people in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and Red China thought cowardice would save them. Eventually they suffered under the regimes they passively allowed to rule them.

Americans that today adopt the “go along to get along” philosophy will find themselves eventually being persecuted by the regime and then spending eternity with their tormentors. I will likely be tormented and persecuted in this life by the forces of satan but my eternity will be spent with Jesus and that is worth any persecution I have to endure in this life. I realize that I am preaching primarily to the choir here but there are those from the dark side who will try to ridicule and intimidate me into silence. I can tell those people right now that I don’t intimidate and I know the God who created the universe and everything in it. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is my master and His eternal Son, Jesus Christ, is the Lord of my life. I am a long way from being as good as God wants me to be but I strive daily to follow Him and improve myself through His mercy and Grace. Any who mock me and my faith do so to the detriment of their eternal soul and I will pray for them to be turned around by the same grace I count on to keep me on the narrow path to Heaven.

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