by OPOVV, ©2015

(Nov. 26, 2015) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, this morning we received a call from Professor Wert, so we’re here at the docks to welcome him home from his travels. And here’s the crane with the gangplank, so we’ll just hustle on up.

“Welcome home, Mr. Wert; what did you bring back to us this time?”

“Oh, hello, Roving and crew. Thanks for the invite on your show. I’m sorry I don’t have any exciting artifacts to show the viewers.  I came by some pretty important information that was way too sensitive to send over the airways, so I rushed back to deliver it in person.

“On the way back I did a little research and determined that you’ve never cut anybody off because of content, so that’s why I called you instead of the more well-known broadcasters for the big mainstream media stations.”

“Thanks for the compliment. Now, what’s the news?”

“Hold on to your hat. A little history lesson first. Now we’re all aware of CAIR and all the other Islam public relations firms attempting to push Sharia Law down our throats, and when I say ‘our’ throats I’m talking about the civilized world, not the world of beheadings and treating women as less than what’s in your garbage can.

“Attempts are being made such that exposing the Truth about Islam may someday be prohibited. It’s a very real possibility that stating that Islam is the refuge of the psychopath and an excuse for old men to have their way with underage girls will be censored, even to the point of abolishing the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

“For instance: if you’re a Patriot — defined as one who supports the US Constitution — then you’re automatically a ‘religious racist’ because the Constitution and Sharia Law are at polar opposites, meaning that under no conceivable circumstances are they able to coexist.

“What that means (in real-world terms) is that Muslims will not, cannot, live under two completely different sets of laws. So a Muslim in the US — or anywhere else, for that matter — is, above anything else a Muslim first and foremost, and being a citizen (of whatever country) doesn’t even register as a factor in a Muslim’s life. To make a long story short, the Constitution is no impediment to the practice of ‘honor killings’, which is, in reality, nothing less than premeditated Murder One.

“So are you saying that these Muslims who immigrant to the USA, for instance, cannot assimilate into the American melting pot?”

“I’m saying if a Muslim accepts the Constitution over Sharia Law they are no longer a Muslim, which means they just signed their own death warrant. ‘Can’t leave Islam except under the sentence of death’. I’d have to say that’s pretty cut-and-dried.

“Playing Devil’s Advocate here, but once in America, Sharia Law has no validity.”

“On the contrary, Sharia Law is the law of the land in Muslims households. If a Muslim woman wishes to go outside without permission from her husband, or wear Western dress, or makeup, or drive a car, she becomes immediately subject to becoming a victim of an ‘honor killing’ — again, premeditated murder — by her Muslim husband, no matter where they may live.

“It’s just the way it is; a fact of life for Muslim women in our country. They give the excuse of fleeing persecution yet fail to mention that they’re importing the horror right on our doorstep.

“And then, to top it off, we have people whining about Muslim ‘widows and orphans’ being denied the ability to immigrate. Hello out there: little Muslim children grow up to plant bombs, shoot and stab people. But that’s not the news; the news is that the tall tales the Muslims push as fact are taking their toll: more and more people believe that Islam is a religion, and if that weren’t absurd enough, they also believe that Islam is ‘peaceful’ and, get this, ‘misunderstood’.

“The point is that believing the tall tales from CAIR will get your head cut off. Importing Muslims is a death wish on steroids, and not deporting Muslims is a death wish waiting to happen.

“Please pay attention: I came across some secret information that I’ll now divulge: the Department of Defense — DOD — has become the ‘Department of the Dictator’. And here’s something else: the ‘Support Our Troops’ is nothing but White House (Muslim Brotherhood) public relations hype, meaningless hype. Why should we support the troops when they don’t honor their Oath? Where were our brave men and women when LTC Terry Lakin was railroaded in a kangaroo Court Martial?

“Look, I know we have a problem and, truth be told, if your program ‘Pulse of the Nation’ were prime-time, it would be off the air. The mainstream media doesn’t go for the Truth anymore. All the MSM does these days is act like a mouthpiece for the White House/Muslim Brotherhood.”

“Excuse me, are you saying that the White House and the Muslim Brotherhood are one and the same?”

“Yes, I am. Let’s add the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Pentagon and the military as a whole: the 3 ‘P’s’: Paycheck-Promotion-Pension, as long as you go along for the ride. But the crazy thing is, their end will be like all of ours unless we can talk some sense into them.

“Look, it’s worse than you can possibly imagine. Ted Cruz and Rubio are MSM (Main Stream Media) acceptable because — pay attention, now — they ARE Constitutionally ineligible, just as Obama, so the MSM’s accepting them (Cruz and Rubio) as viable candidates automatically gives credence, or I should say a free pass, for Obama’s ineligibility.

“Either by design or pure coincidence, Cruz and Rubio as viable presidential candidates is not good for America, not by a long shot, for by denying Cruz’s and Rubio’s eligibility you are also denying Obama’s presidency, something that we must do but the MSM refuses to do. Am I making myself clear?

“Oh, and one other thing: I, too, saw the Muslims in the Gaza strip and the Muslims on that balcony in the New Jersey apartment building cheering and wailing in glee as the Twin Towers collapsed. I saw some program this morning stating that Trump was making it all up. Well, if they’re calling Trump a liar, then they’re calling me a liar and I won’t stand for it.

“And that’s all I have to say about it for now. You know, some of us taped that whole day on our VCR’s. You can find proof of that day on the internet: Muslims cheering while our neighbors jumped to their deaths rather than getting burned or crushed to death. Cheering; dancing; laughing, and these are our so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims living among us. I’ve said enough for now, except we still don’t know who gave the ‘Stand-Down’ order. Thank you for having me on. Wait: having Turkey in NATO is like having a fox in the hen house.

“And one more thing: the chow hall is open and our cook makes a really good burger; he calls it the ‘OPOVV Special’: fresh, lightly-toasted sesame seed bun; 1/3 lb. of a meat mix (a secret mixture of various grades of beef with a little pork); melted cheddar cheese; lettuce; mayo; tomato; onion; ketchup with choice of sides, and you’re all invited. I told the cook to set three extra places. What do you say?”

“We accept, of course. Thanks a lot; sounds great! Let’s go!

“Well, that’s our show for tonight. Believing the Muslims tell tall tales will make you lose your head, something to remember when it comes time to vote. This is Roving and crew, along with Professor Wert, saying goodnight: Goodnight.

“Great show, guys. Now let’s go eat.”

Semper Fi