by Nohl Rosen, ©2015, Rally for L.E.

(Nov. 25, 2015) — Phoenix, AZ — As riots grip Chicago over the release of dash cam video in the Laquan McDonald case, the pro-police movement, Rally For L.E., issued an action alert asking its members to come out strong in support of law enforcement and keep a watchful eye on police officers nationwide so they’re kept safe. It’s all a part of Operation Thin Blue Shield, an initiative started by the movement’s leader, Nohl Rosen, to be there to help officers when they’re in need of aid or in distress.

“We’re monitoring the situation in Chicago and I’ve asked our members to make sure they watch over the police officers nationwide. We won’t interfere with their job but if an officer needs help and if we have members in the area, we will come to their aid. We’re also going to keep an extra eye on police stations in member cities to help prevent them from being attacked as well,” Rosen said.

The movement is also calling for its members and police supporters in the Chicago area to organize a rally in that city to back law enforcement there.

Rally For L.E. can be found online at www.rallyforle.com. You can also find the movement on Facebook at www.facebook.com/RallyForLE and on twitter at twitter.com/RallyForLE.