by Bob Russell, ©2015, blogging at Conservative Daily News

(Nov. 24, 2015) — I have an interest in military history and am quite knowledgeable about the founding of this once great nation. I have noticed on many social network sites that some call Americans cowards, and worse, because We the People have not taken up arms against the tyrannical scum trashing the Constitution and trampling on our rights. The ones calling us names are the same ones who go along to get along so they don’t rouse the ire of anyone that espouses dictatorship. I would like to take the opportunity here to remind people of the early history of the disharmony between the colonists and the British Government. The early Americans, including Samuel and John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Nathan Hale, John Hancock, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and many more, considered themselves loyal British citizens well into the confrontation. The colonists began to really get upset when the British government began direct taxes on the colonies to pay for the French and Indian War. Many things happened in the escalation of bad feelings. British warships began stopping and searching all colonial ships, often impressing sailors into service in the British navy. The idea was to strangle the colonial economy in order to gain compliance with unjust taxation.

Many acts of civil disobedience occurred as more and more soldiers were sent to Boston to impose government will on the colonists. Groups calling themselves the Sons of Liberty sprang up in opposition. Smuggling was a common practice by the “extremists,” as they were labeled by government authorities. One thing led to another until one confrontation led to the government-installed “governor” of Massachusetts firing on an angry mob, killing an unarmed 11-year-old boy. One would think this would be enough to start the war, but it wasn’t. Then a while later the Boston Massacre happened in which five unarmed colonists were shot to death by soldiers. This murder didn’t cause the war, either, although it did cause tensions to rise. The soldiers were put on trial in Boston, were defended by “extremist” firebrand John Adams, and were found not guilty of murder by a jury of Bostonians. Although the colonists were armed only with snowballs, Adams got a decision of self-defense from the jury. So many acts of tyranny were tolerated because the colonists wanted liberty, not war, and tried to gain the liberty by talking, not shooting.

There were militia members stockpiling weapons, including cannons, in Concord, Massachusetts. In the early morning hours of April 19, 1775, General Gage sent nearly 800 soldiers out to confiscate the arms, disarm any colonists they found, and arrest “extremists” John Adams and John Hancock, who were in Lexington at the time. The plan was discovered and the famous ride of Paul Revere began, along with a man named William Dawes. On the way they came across one of the militia leaders from Concord, who joined Revere and Dawes to help spread the warning. Approximately 75 patriots grabbed their rifles and shotguns and stood on Lexington Green to stop the nearly 800 soldiers. At one point during the face-off, “the shot heard ’round the world” was fired, and about 15 minutes from the start of the face-off 8 colonists lay dead and the rest headed for the wood line. Confident the fight was over, the British moved on, only to find colonists lining both sides of the road ready to fight. It didn’t take long for the British to retreat, a retreat that turned into a headlong flight back to Boston through a shooting gallery of some 2400 fed-up colonists, and the war was on. My point is that We the People are not cowards; we just don’t relish a war in our streets.

The TEA Party protests and articles from “extremists” like myself are reminiscent of the early colonists, seeking a peaceful resolution from despots who want only blind obedience to tyranny from their “subjects.” The time is coming, however, when peaceful protest will not be an option. Barak obama and his minions in the regime and congress are determined to throw the Constitution out and confiscate guns from citizens in order to impose their dictatorship. They are plotting with United Nations tyrants to bring foreign troops in to use as local law enforcement to combat “extremists” and “terrorists.” The “extremists” and “terrorists” they refer to are modern-day patriots like myself who demand the government stop ruling by dictate and begin governing by the Constitution. Obama is also writing executive orders dictating mandatory gun confiscation, to be carried out by the United Nations police forces he will bring in to do his dirty work because local police and the military won’t follow his illegal and despotic orders. Many people laugh at or deride me, saying no one is going to take guns, but I believe obama, feinstein, and the others are deadly serious in their threats.

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