by Montgomery Blair Sibley, blogging at Amo Probos, ©2015

(Nov. 23, 2015) — Last week, on a very rainy day, I marched down to Washington, D.C. to hand-deliver letters to Senator McConnell and Speaker Ryan.  Their attorneys had claimed that neither of them had received the letter I sent their respective offices in March 2015. As my litigation progresses against these two Congressmen, I wanted to make sure they could not claim they never knew about my demand that they are obligated to call an Article V Convention to Propose Amendments.

In the Letter I hand-delivered, I posed a question that you might find interesting:  What do Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, George Soros, Alliance for Democracy, Center for Media and Democracy, Code Pink, Independent Progressive Politics Network, Progressive Democrats of America and the Sierra Club all agree upon? They all think it is time for a Convention to Propose Amendments as contemplated by Article V.

Imagine that!