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by Sharon Rondeau

Members of Congress

(Nov. 22, 2015) — In 2008, thousands of Americans asked you to take a step back from the wild hysteria over the prospect of America’s “first black president” and check his background and biography.

You refused.

Americans simply asked that you do your job. We asked you to verify that he is a “natural born Citizen,” as is required by Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution.

You ignored us or made empty excuses.

We demanded that you discover which passport he held, to which nation or nations he holds allegiance, and whether or not he is sympathetic to not only Islam, but radical Islam.

You scoffed at us.

Again, in January 2013, we asked you to vet him, and you refused.

As he displays his sympathy toward barbarians, terrorists, and Islamic radicals of all stripes and organizations, you have agreed with his false claim of being a Christian in order to avoid ridicule for simply telling the truth.  And some of you presume to be presidential candidates.

For more than seven years, you have watched as he has dismantled by emasculation our once-proud military and destroyed the constitutional framework of our Republic by trampling on the “separation of powers” intended to protect us from such tyranny.

You have hidden in the shadows as he has defied federal laws on immigration, marriage, political asylum, and war. Like sniveling cowards, you have allowed political expediency to trump what should have been your solemn obligation to protect this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

You took you oath of office, all the while lacking the resolve to keep it.

On March 17, 2009, LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) filed the first formal complaint of treason against the man known as “Barack Hussein Obama” for having usurped the presidency through “dissembling and deceit.”  Although Fitzpatrick now sits in a Tennessee prison as an innocent man, his words ring more true today than ever before…and you do nothing.

“Your criminal ascension manifests a clear and present danger,” Fitzpatrick wrote.

Even more telling is that Fitzpatrick’s former commander of the Pacific Fleet, Adm. James “Ace” Lyons (Ret.), agrees with him.

Moreover, you continue to allow the Navy to hold Fitzpatrick’s forged signature on a court-martial “confession” letter as authentic in yet another example of your perfidy against not only Fitzpatrick, but the entire American electorate who are unaware of the corruption within the U.S. military.

Like the weaklings you are, you ignore the obvious, pretending that he is “the president” when you know he cannot be.

You know his documents are “computer-generated forgeries,” yet you continue to allow him to imperil not only American citizens, but everyone in the world with his volatility and mental instability.

You preen yourselves before the television cameras, yet you dither in private. You seek reelection time after time by appealing to voters’ most selfish desires, destroying “liberty and justice for all.”

The results of your carelessness and callousness toward not only the people who elected you, but also toward future generations whose lives will be forever changed by the totalitarian onslaught of the last seven years, are indelibly etched in our consciousness as we attempt to respond to his headlong destruction of this nation.

You have allowed him to insult and ridicule everything we hold dear while he advocates for foreigners at every turn.  In the interest of the insane political correctness blanketing Washington, DC, you have denied reality.

Those who promised to take action on his treachery ultimately did not.

You have declined to even begin the impeachment process when there are countless reasons to do so. You refuse to expose the glaring elephant in the room, which is his allegiance toward the un-American, pro-Islamic point of view.  You cast political shots at him now that you have believe it safe, given that he presumably has 14 more months in office.

You want to believe that then, our national nightmare will end.

But he himself has said, “I’m not going anywhere.” If he cares not for laws passed by previous congresses, the Second Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, and all other amendments, why should he care about the Twenty-Second Amendment?

As a decorated, 17-year Army medical doctor was court-martialed, denied a defense, and taken away in shackles for challenging him to produce proof of his eligibility to command the U.S. military, you continued to enjoy your lavish lifestyles and positions, knowing that Dr. Terry Lakin possessed the courage that you will never have.

You have watched as the usurper has allowed us to be infiltrated with terrorists, diseases, gang members and other degenerates seeking to plunder, by any means necessary, America’s inherent goodness and generosity.  Under the guise of “refugee,” the man who usurps our White House brings in foreigners by the tens of thousands while marginalizing indigenous and “natural born” Americans.

Could that be because he is a foreign infiltrator himself?  Do his ways and comfort with Islamic and socialist leaders appear American to you?

If you have one grain of honesty left within you, you will say “No.”

You have allowed the igniting of the Middle East and attempted destruction of Europe from your creation of the “Arab Spring,” touted as a “democracy” movement.

You could rein in this imposter at any time, yet you choose to do nothing.  How could any of you have the hubris to believe that you are fit to serve?

Dr. Derrick Bell demanded that Harvard hire more minority professors and support those who advocated “critical race theory

America’s “first black president” has unleashed a wave of racially-motivated protests which have ousted university officials and made demands similar to those of Dr. Derrick Bell, who Obama staunchly defended at Harvard University, another fact he hid from the American people.

Rising violence fueled by the socialist doctrine that everyone is “entitled” to a free college education.  Law enforcers are attacked and murdered, blacks murder each other in record numbers in his “home town,” and non-blacks are killed or hospitalized from vicious, unprovoked attacks from “his people.”

And you do nothing.

He has sent the national debt to incomprehensible levels, at the same time enriching his cronies, and you passively participate in his demise of the greatest country ever known to man.

Free speech has been stifled, and those wishing to uphold the Constitution are labeled “domestic terrorists.”

You allow him to spend millions of our dollars on junkets to see his Islamic friends while a record number of Americans are out of work.  You do nothing as his wife and children take unprecedented taxpayer-funded and unnecessary vacations and trips throughout the year.  You do nothing when the family dog is delivered to His Highness on a separate, taxpayer-funded flight to their vacation spot du jour.

The seeds of communism planted decades ago in the media, the entertainment industry, academia and the public schools have flourished under your disdainful watch with your anointing of the Muslim-Marxist-“refugee”-loving megalomaniac whose desired goal is so obvious that even a 12-year-old can see it.

You are the worst of the worst, almost as bad as he, because you see the threat and do nothing, allowing the inevitable to happen.

If authorities can validate a Syrian refugee’s “biography,” why can’t you check his?

Among multiple national security threats, one remains the largest, and no one is up to the task.

If his former pastor was correct about one thing, it is that “America’s chickens have come home to roost.”

And you are responsible.