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by Andrea Shea King, ©2015, The Radio Patriot

The Obama regime continues to advocate for the admission of Syrian refugees into the U.S., despite warnings from ISIS leaders that they plan to attack the U.S. and Europe by disguising terrorists as refugees

(Nov. 17, 2015) — Below is an updated list of possible terrorist targets within the United States.

Per a confidential government source.

Washington DC
New York City, New York
Newark, NJ
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Toledo, Ohio
Indianapolis, Indiana
Chicago, Illinois
Charlotte, North Carolina
Miami, Florida
Tampa, Florida
Atlanta, Georgia
Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas
Midland, Texas
Amarillo, Texas
Houston, Texas
Phoenix, Arizona
Tucson, Arizona
San Diego, California
Sacramento, California
Los Angeles, California
Portland, Oregon
Seattle, Washington
Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Las Vegas, Nevada
Reno, Nevada
Arlington, Virginia

All United States Military Bases within the United States and abroad.

Surrounding areas of the cities listed above are potential targets as well. No town or small city is exempt.

This list is for informational purposes for the American People.

As ISIS has stated in the past, nowhere is safe from their violence.

It is recommended that all Americans keep a close eye out for suspicious activities at all times. Limit your movements in public places with high concentrations of people.

It has always been recommended to keep at least a two-week supply of food and water in your homes at all times. It is highly suggested that you arm yourself and family. Be sure to have the proper training for whatever firearm you choose to purchase or own.

Have no less than 500 rounds per weapon on hand at any given time.

Do not count on the Obama administration to give you correct information on any incident.

The administration has consistently lied on every issue. The Obama administration is not longer considered reliable to tell the truth or to protect the American People.