by RoseAnn Salanitri, ©2015, TPATH Contributor

(Nov. 9, 2015) — The title of this piece probably communicates that I am angry.  Anyone coming to that conclusion would be right.  I am angry. My Christian worldview requires that I wrestle with whether or not this anger is righteous.  You be the judge.

First, what I am I angry about?
I am angry about progressives justifying the killing of unborn human beings by calling it a “War on Women. Clips from “The View” have brought me to the realization that women who have adopted this point of view are nothing but selfish bullies who have twisted the arms of others to gratify their selfish inclinations.  Strong words?  Perhaps – but also truthful.

How have I come to this conclusion?
Sandra Fluke may be the best example.  Ms. Fluke and others like her realize that promiscuity has its price – a price that they are not willing to pay, although they want to play the game.  Before going further, I must say that Sandra Fluke does not represent all women who have fallen prey to the arguments of the ungodly.  Some have been victims of a culture that has convinced them that what is wrong is right – only to realize the error of this philosophy after participating in its many ill-advised benefits.  Back to Ms. Fluke, who portrays herself as an intelligent and thoughtful young woman. Although she is not willing to pay the price for her own actions, she believes YOU must pay the price.  This is nothing less than a selfish and self-centered point of view.  She wants her cake and she wants to eat it, too, but she wants you to pay for it.

Sandra Fluke is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  She is the product of an educational system that has raised a generation of hedonistic humanists that can justify anything they want – especially if it feels good.  It is a godless attitude that sets its own standard based on Darwinism and perpetuating the argument presented by the serpent in the Garden: You can be your own god. Actually, it goes further than that.  Not only do they judge right and wrong based on their own self-centered standard, they have effectively presented an offensive strategy that has coerced the righteous into succumbing to their ideology.  This is nothing short of a You-Give-Me-What-I-Want-or-You’re-an-Unenlightened-Hypocrite name-calling tactic. The underlying mantra of these women is akin to a bratty child throwing a temper tantrum to get their own way.  And like so many parents who want to be friends with their children instead of teaching them right from wrong, our nation has submitted to the demands of these outspoken bullies.

Let’s unpack this a bit more.

What makes this selfish and self-centered attitude thievery?  Let me compare it to a hypothetical situation.  Let’s suppose I want a new sofa for my living room.  I may have recently visited a neighbor who just bought an expensive new sofa and when I came home, and look at my sofa I realized it isn’t quite as nice.  So, what do I do?  I go to my local town council meeting and demand that they include the price for my new sofa into their budget and buy me a new sofa.  After all – I’m entitled to have everything my neighbor has, aren’t I?

Absurd, isn’t it?  Well, is it any more absurd than people wanting others to pay for their birth control, an abortion, or anything else they may want?  If Ms. Fluke wants to play around, that’s her decision.  And if she doesn’t want her playing around to result in pregnancy, then she can use birth control.  And if she doesn’t have the $9.00 per month to pay for the birth control to protect her from an unwanted pregnancy, she has real choices.  She can go out and earn the money to pay for her birth control, or she can decide not to play around, or she can deal with the potential consequences.  What she doesn’t have the right to do is to pick my pockets – or anyone else’s – to pay for the things she wants.  It’s not only self-centered, it’s immoral.  This makes Ms. Fluke and her ilk selfish thieves.  If fighting this kind of attitude constitutes a war of some kind, then perhaps we should be going to war instead of succumbing to the extortion-like threats of these female bullies.

Regarding abortion – again this atrocity demonstrates a humanistic worldview that is nothing short of self-centered.  It demonstrates the attitude of “The h*** with the rights of the child I may be carrying.  My rights are the only thing that matters to me.”  And what is the reaction of those whose hearts bleed on behalf of the unborn who are slain on the altar of selfishness?  We allow the battle for the right to life to be defined as a War on Women.  It is not a War on Women; it is a battle against the selfishness of the mother to override the rights of the child she is carrying. The only war being waged is against the multitude of moral Americans who are being forced to pay for what they believe to be an immoral atrocity.

Unfortunately, selfish thieves are not confined to confused and/or selfish mothers.  Selfish thieves sit day after day in the halls of Congress, buying votes that allow them to continue in their lucrative positions by succumbing to the selfishness of the abortionists, who also profit from the misguided and selfish actions of others.  These selfish and/or cowardly Congressmen are easily identified. If you want a list of those who place their own careers above doing what is right, look no further than the Congressional Record and those who voted to continue funding Planned Parenthood: the operation that not only conducts abortions but further profits from this atrocity by selling the parts of their victims. These congressmen are nothing less than accessories to the crime.

In classrooms across America today our Founders’ position that gave only property holders the right to vote is considered to be elitist in nature – that it was our Founders’ selfish way of protecting their own property.  I contend that it was not just their way of protecting their own property; it was their way of protecting themselves against the selfish thieves that they understood would be able to vote themselves the right to steal what others had earned. Unfortunately we no longer understand that entitlement mentalities, income equality, and social justice- along with other Progressive labels – are just a deceptive way of stealing from someone what they have rightfully earned and giving it to someone who has thrown a political tantrum.

Should we care about the less fortunate? 

Of course we should.  It’s even biblical.  But the Bible doesn’t condone thievery – as a matter of fact, there are commandments against stealing as well as “coveting” anything that belongs to someone else.  The Bible instead encourages personal charity that differs from entitlements in that it carries with it accountability.  Neighbors know if their neighbor is truly in need of help. On the other hand,  government dispenses help in order to expand through useful idiots that increase its power.  There is a world of difference between the two. And if we don’t start understanding these differences and exercising the boldness that this understanding requires, we deserve the empty pockets and the moral decay that is growing among us.

This isn’t a War on Women, it’s war on bratty selfish thieves and it should be called what it is.