by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2015

(Nov. 5, 2015) — Race wars, mob-think, white supremacy everywhere, cops targeting mostly blacks…. This is the endless propaganda strewn all over our faces like gooey spaghetti noodles. We are told to fill up the displaced rage reservoir inside ourselves, organize and attack.

This is how endless Fergusons happen – a loose cannon, mayor speaks – politicians scream at the microphone, Al Sharpton puts his ‘hater bling’ on, and boom, everything goes to hell. This is always followed by a teleprompter speech by Obama bashing the evil of guns in the hands of citizens and bad cops that we must get to the bottom of and control from the government on down.

Tentacles of truth willfully taken out of context to create and control something new

There have always been racism and wars of domination and forced slavery throughout time. Whites have controlled and owned blacks as slaves. Blacks have controlled and owned other blacks, as many do to this day in Africa. Arabs and Muslims enslave anyone of difference and have been also known to have blacks as slaves.

The bottom line is there have always been leaders and people who try and control. This spans all kinds of nationalities and decades. However, unlike the endless Obama and Al Sharpton pitches, America is not hemorrhaging racism and White Supremacy as we are expected to believe. There are and always will be tentacles of racism peppered throughout our great, empowering and ‘open’ nation. Most in the media and masses won’t and do not put up with racism and domination of anyone else due to difference…except for the jerk from hell and odd man out.

We must remember that dictators, tyrants and those who want total control over us like Obama and his progressive handlers, must have crisis, mobs acting out in the name of attacking white domination and evil cops. They must find any way they can to control and come after our firearms, impose martial law, suck more air out of our freedoms and speech. Those on the other side of the line from Obama and his agenda are to be herded and culled like cattle.

Getting the masses to help create false flag events and growing mob scenes is the fuel desperately needed to take down our rights and freedoms. Obama and his goons continue to feed the race-war machine while attacking another huge force in America and trying to turn the Obama zombies on them – Christians and conservatives. We are on our ‘high horse’ when we dare defend our land, homes and families hundreds of years ago and today. We are judgmental and hate the law of the land when we stand against imposed gay marriage and abortions which we are forced to pay for or provide.

The real supremacy in all this rattling of cages is not the Whites or Blacks. It is Obama and his progressive agenda that must have us at each other’s throats to do what all dictators must do…Come for the schools – Done with Common Core; Come for the health care – Done with Obamacare; come for Freedom of Speech – Increasingly done with mainstream media; Come for the guns – Ongoing and International attempts always in play. These are all fed and fueled by creating out-of-control and evil groups to attack.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall…who is the most supreme of all?

In Obama’s mirror there is only Obama and his evil agenda of controls and transformations. Obama doesn’t even need a mirror to see himself since the lenses of his eyes only reflect him yet again. He is the supreme one and we are to believe and obey.

Only one small problem

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Supreme one…not Whites, blacks, Muslims or Obama. The Holy Bible, the real law and core of America and her history, defines freedom, truth and love for all. We traditionally understand and recognize when our freedoms are unraveling and under attack. We wake up…maybe a little late, but we finally rise up and lay down all the ACES in our deck. We win.

Why do you think Trump and Carson are soaring…America has now thrown political propaganda and sound-bite talk off the stage. We know better and intend to get our country back on top. Obama can go fight with himself and have a race war on an island somewhere very far away. Take Hillary along for the ride. Can you imagine Hillary and Obama stuck on an island together? Makes me smile….my bad.

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