Back on the Street Again (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2015

(Nov. 3, 2015) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and, as you can see, we’re back on the street about to waylay unsuspecting folks who are going about their daily routine. Here comes a young man.

“Excuse me, Roving here. Got a minute?”

“Sure. I know who you are. Missed you out on the sidewalks waylaying unsuspecting people on their way to work, like me. Go ahead, ask away.”

“When Babe Ruth hit his 60th home run, what was his batting average that year?”

“Why everyone knows that one, that’s easy. It was .356, the same year Lou Gehrig hit 52 doubles.”

“And here’s another one: what’s our National Debt?”

“Whose debt? I don’t owe anybody.”

“The National Debt. What all of us citizens owe. See, the government borrows, and that borrowed money is what we all owe.”

“I don’t think so. I pay on time or I don’t pay at all. My father taught me to save enough money to buy a car so I don’t have to make monthly payments so if I ever lost my job I wouldn’t lose my car. No, I pay what I owe on time.”

“That’s an admirable approach to home finances, but, unfortunately, those who we send to Washington don’t share your thrifty and makes-perfect-sense financial philosophy.”

“You mean, with all those billions of dollars we give the IRS, they manage to waste it all? You mean to tell me they spend ALL of it? Why, that’s crazy.”

“We like to say ‘financially irresponsible.’”

“Call it by any other name, it’s still crazy. So, how much do they say I owe?”

“They don’t just ‘say’ it, and you owe it: in the neighborhood of $60,000.”

“‘Neighborhood?!’ ‘Neighborhood?!’ Fat chance! What a bunch of bozos. Who elects these, what did you call them? ‘financially irresponsible’ people? Where in the heck did they learn how to mess up the works?”

“Mostly Yale, but there are other places where they actually teach that carrying a little debt is somehow beneficial to a business.”

“Are you serious? You are? Why, what’s the world coming to?”

“It’s already here.”

“This is all too much for me. I need a burger. Look, we’re standing next to a diner, what do you say you join me? I mean, you’ve an expense account, right?”

“So Roving buys again? Hey, that ain’t bad: ‘Roving Buys Again.’ If any of us could write a Broadway musical, we’ve already got the title. Let’s go.

“Thanks for watching our show tonight. This is Roving and crew saying goodnight: Goodnight.”

“Good burger. Thanks. So let me get this right: you say that the government collects taxes, then squanders it, paying out exorbitant amounts that in the private sector would be laughed out of business?  Is that about right? And that includes people being vastly overpaid even while doing shoddy and sub-standard work? Is that right? Is that why lowlifes like Lois Lerner continue to collect a paycheck? And why the DOJ refused to prosecute, because it was what Obama wanted? That Federal election laws were clearly broken and the DOJ did nothing? That the whole DOJ is nothing more than an arm of the United Nations: nothing but a part of the ‘Islam Admiration Society’? Am I right? Is that what you’re saying?”


“One more time. So Lois Lerner is like an employee of ours; we’re the boss. And we’d like a few questions answered, so we ask her to come on in and tell us what’s going on in our company. Am I right so far?”

“One hundred percent.”

“Since we’re her boss, we pay her for working for us, right? And we ask her some questions and she just gets up and walks out, says she refuses to answer any of our questions, and we keep paying her paycheck, give her a bonus, no less, and when she retires we give her a pension? And we sit back and let it happen? How could it, I mean, how did it get so bad so quickly?”

“It was bad before, but since Obama came on the scene, the word ‘bad’ doesn’t even come close. Let’s make it an all-out catastrophe, as in ‘Obama has been a Catastrophic Evil for the Beacon of Freedom for the world.’

“Egad, look at the time. Look, there’s two things you need to do. One, get on the internet and read about the truth rather than get your news from MSM. Second, go get yourself a gun and practice. Nice talking to you. Bye.

“Well, crew, that was fun. Good to be back out on the street again. Okay, let’s say we get on back to the studio and wrap this thing up. You know what? I think we’ve time for another burger, maybe hold the fries. We could do a take-out. My treat.”

Semper Fi