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What is the U.S. Army‘s code of professional ethics under Obama?

(Oct. 12, 2015) —  The below-listed article written by Col. Lawrence Sellin, USAR (Ret)(PhD), he provides the unsettling and sordid details of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) case concerning the Deserted In The Face Of The Enemy, Bergdahl, and how the US Army, if it follows its current course, appears to be compromising the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  It is not enough that Obama has been violating US Federal Laws, US Federal Immigration Laws, and the US Constitution for nearly seven years; now he is forcing the US Army to violate the Uniform Code of Military Justice!!

The member of Bergdahl’s platoon reported that before Bergdahl “Deserted In The Face Of The Enemy” he sent all his personal belongings home, left his weapons and uniforms in the barracks, then “Deserted In The Face Of The Enemy.”

The US Army has recorded communications of the Taliban talking on Bergdahl’s own cell phone, several days after Bergdahl “Deserted In The Face Of The Enemy”; the Taliban were saying the Deserter Bergdahl wanted to join them.

Deserter Bergdahl went from village to village asking to meet with the Taliban Radical Islamic Terrorists.  The Army has other recordings where the Taliban are speaking on their own cell phones, saying Bergdahl was trying to join them, and Deserter Bergdahl finally joined their ranks.

During the 45-day search the Army conducted for Deserter Bergdahl, a number of US Army soldiers were reported to have been killed and wounded, although the details of that have been carefully concealed.

Obama held a Rose Garden Ceremony in The White House to announce he exchanged five of the most dangerous Radical Islamic Terrorists in the US Naval Detention Camp in Guantanamo Naval Base, Cuba (GITMO) with the “Deserter In The Face Of The Enemy” Bergdahl.

Members of Congress reported that Obama gave the Taliban hundreds of millions of dollars, besides five of the most dangerous Radical Islamic Terrorist in GITMO in exchange for the Deserter Bergdahl.

After the Rose Garden Ceremony, even though the US Army knew Bergdahl “Deserted In The Face Of The Enemy,” Obama’s civilian appointees in the Pentagon ensured he was retroactively promoted to Specialist, then to Sergeant over a five-year period, and announced that while Deserter Bergdahl was working with the enemy, his pay which accumulated for the five years, totaling $300,000, would be paid to Deserter Bergdahl.

During an Article 32 Hearing, Army prosecutors presented a very weak case in support of the charges against Bergdahl. They chose not to call any of Bergdahl’s enlisted comrades who had a very different impression of Deserter Bergdahl’s behavior than the one Bergdahl gave to investigators. Prosecutors also did not call any witnesses to support the argument that the Army lost men trying to recover Bergdahl.

Instead of recommending a General Court Martial for “Desertion In The Face Of The Enemy,” the Army’s investigating officer, Lieutenant Colonel Mark Visger, hand-picked by Obama’s civilian appointees in DOD,  recommended that Bergdahl not receive a General Court-Martial for “Desertion In The Face Of The Enemy” but instead be given a Special Court-Martial—so that if he is found guilty, it would be like a misdemeanor conviction and Deserter Bergdahl could only receive a maximum prison sentence of 12 months of confinement.

“THE FIX IS IN” – It is obvious that as the prosecution of Deserter Bergdahl goes forward as reported, the US Army’s Uniform Code of military Justice will be compromised and will be looked at as just another of Obama’s “Politically Correct” institutions, like the rest of Obama’s Washington bureaucracy.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, The Chief of Staff of the US Army, the Secretary of the Army, and the Secretary of Defense all understand  that they are corrupting 240 years of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and destroying the morale of the US Armed Forces.

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Bergdahl case: U.S. Army as Obama’s political lapdog?

by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD October 11, 2015