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(Oct, 7, 2015) — For nearly 7 years, the Obama administration has been covering up the numbers of murders, rapes, burglaries, robberies, car-jackings, muggings, drug related crimes, kidnappings, white slavery, arsons, pedophilia, and acts of violence against American Citizens by convicted criminal Mexican illegal aliens in order to keep American Citizens in the dark about seriousness of the rampant crime wave they perpetrate in the Unites States each year.

After completing extensive research, Fox News came up with the startling statistics cited in the below-listed article.  Those statistics will continue to be covered up by the Obama administration with the help of the left-of-center liberal media establishment while Obama violates US Federal immigration laws.  We encourage the recipients of this op-ed to give it wide dissemination to those in your address book who would want the occupant of the Oval Office to stop violating federal immigration laws he swore to uphold when he was twice sworn into office.

Convicted criminal Mexican illegal aliens account for about 13.6% of all crimes committed in the United States, nearly 12% of all murder sentences, 20% of all kidnapping sentences, and 16% of all drug trafficking sentences.

Additionally, there are about 2.1 million convicted criminal Mexican illegal aliens living in the United States who are either in prison or living free and are having their living expenses “paid for by the American taxpayer.”

Each year, approximately 900,000 Mexican legal and illegal aliens are arrested, while another 700,000 are released from prison into communities throughout the United States.  When they are released, despite the repeated request from local, county, and state law enforcement agencies for the nearly last 7 years, the Obama administration refuses to provide law enforcement authorities with the information as to which communities those convicted criminals are being released into—thus perpetrating a massive 7-year crime wave by illegal aiens.

The Sheriff’s Associations across the nation have stated collectively that enforcement for deportation of convicted criminal illegal aliens has ceased for all practical purposes.  Further, the in-custody arrests by ICE of illegals already being incarcerated in local, county, and state jails are down 95% because local, county, and state laws enforcement officials will no longer hold them long enough for ICE to pick them up for deportation.  The effective cessation of the deportation of convicted criminal illegals is a direct result of a policy-driven initiative for nearly 7 years by the Obama administration and Sanctuary Cities to intentionally and flagrantly violate US federal immigration laws in order to prevent ICE from deporting illegal aliens.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has reported that there are more than 1.2 million convicted criminal illegals still at large, and the Obama administration has tied ICE’s hands, preventing them from carrying out the duties they were sworn to uphold, and restricting them from trying to apprehend iIllegal alien fugitives in accordance with federal immigration laws.

Statistics for criminal illegal aliens incarcerated in prisons are presented below for only 4 of the 50 states; those figures were very difficult to come by, because nearly 7 years ago, by making a few procedural changes, the Obama administration has made finding the number of convicted criminal illegal aliens in prisons nearly impossible to obtain, whereas previous administrations made counting the number of Convicted Criminal Mexican Illegal Aliens easy to determine:

(1)   In Florida state prisons facilities there were 5,061 convicted criminal illegal alien inmates, but neither the state Department of Corrections nor the Florida Department of Law Enforcement tracks the number of convicted criminal illegal aliens in county prisons, spokesmen for those agencies told FoxNews.com.

(2)   In Illinois, where state prisons house 46,993 inmates, some 3,755 are convicted criminal illegal aliens, according to Illinois Department of Corrections figures. Once again, state officials do not compile figures for illegal aliens in county jails, although a Cook County official estimated that nearly 6% of those inmates are illegals.

(3)   In Arizona, neither state public safety officials nor the governor’s office could produce figures showing how many of their inmates held in county jails are illegal aliens, but state prison figures released by the Arizona Department of Corrections show that out of 42,758 prison inmates held in state facilities, about 10.8%, or 4617 inmates are illegal aliens.

(4)   In California, there were 128,543 inmates in custody as of August 12th, but the state, which has been criticized for its leniency toward illegal aliens, refuses to keep track of the citizenship of its prison inmates. As of July 31, 2013, there were 18,000 “foreign-born” citizens in California state prisons out of 133,000 prison inmates. The Board of State and Community Corrections provided figures to Fox News showing that in 2014, there were 142,000 inmates in 120 county prisons, but while everything from mental health cases to dental and medical appointments are closely tracked, the number of criminal illegal aliens — or even non-citizens — was not available. In the last conducted research back in 2011, there were 55,000 convicted criminal illegal aliens in federal prisons and 296,000 in state and local prisons. Experts say the number of aliens in California prisons today is much, much higher.

On October 1, 2015 Senator Jeff Session (R-AL-Senate), who chairs the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, conducted a Senate hearing that disclosed just how dangerous the Obama’s administration’s plans to move nearly 200,000 Syrian Muslim refugees into the United States is (ISIS announced that they intend to infiltrate those refugees in order to gain access to the United States), and according to Michael B. Steinbach, Assistant Director for the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division, those refugees cannot be properly vetted to determine if they have terrorist ties.

Obama authorized the Bureau of Prisons to early release 100,000 inmates from federal prisons nationwide between October 30 and November 2, 2015. On October 6th the Justice Department announced it is freeing the first 6,000 prisoners who were convicted of drug-related crimes from federal prisons; those drug dealers will soon be back on the streets dealing and cooperating with the Mexican drug cartels.  As long as the Congress does nothing about it, 94,000 additional federal prisoners will be released by Obama.

By allowing the influx of ISIS terrorists along with 200,000 Muslim refugees from the Middle East, the release of 700,000 convicted criminal illegal aliens into the general population, and by the early release of 100,000 federal prisoners, convicted of drug and other related crimes, Obama is complicating the internal national security of the Republic, complicating enforcement of the law by law enforcement officers, and endangering the lives of millions of American Citizens.

Obama’s intentions can no longer be misunderstood when the above actions are coupled with his refusal to secure the wide-open southern border for nearly 7 years; he is intentionally trying to create a society populated by lawlessness criminals and radical Islamic terrorists and create unrest throughout the country.  By these last-ditch actions before his term of office is over, Obama’s actions are endangering the lives of millions of American citizens, further violating his oath of office where he twice swore to protect and defend the lives of all American citizens.

Will the Republican leadership in Congress finally take action to close the southern border, file a lawsuit in federal court against the Department of Homeland Security for violating regulations in their release of 700,000 convicted criminal Mexican illegal aliens into U.S. communities instead of deporting them to Mexico (if Mexico refuses to accept them, the $4 billion in US foreign aid to Mexico should be halted), will Congress file a restraining order against the Bureau of Prisons to halt the early release of 100,000 convicted criminals from federal prisons into the general public, and will the Republican leadership finally use the power of the purse “for the first time” to halt the entry of 200,000 Muslim refugees populated with ISIS Radical Islamic Terrorists from the Middle East because they cannot be vetted for terrorist ties?

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