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by Michael Gaddy, ©2015

Kotzebue, AL is located in the Northwest Arctic Borough and was a major trading post of furs, firearms, seal skins and whale products in centuries past

(Oct. 5, 2015) — We all have been told that such events as that outlined below could not happen in this “land of the free and home of the brave,” but leaders of tyranny usually try their programs out on a small scale before attempting to implement them on an entire population. Much is to be learned logistically from a smaller approach to a larger proposal.

The Alaska public media website promoted the then-upcoming visit to the village of Kotzebue by the current sitting tyrant with this comment on 1 September. “Everyone from fishermen to local leaders are getting ready for the president’s visit—and have their own hopes for what he takes away.”

What they were unprepared for his visit to “take away” were their firearms.

Prior to his arrival, the sky was dotted with C-17’s that were busy ferrying the president’s armored limos and other equipment to facilitate a photo op holding a fish, a 20 minute speech and a couple of nose-rubbing Eskimo kisses from the president of the regional school district.

What the residents were not expecting—or prepared for— was the arrival of Secret Service agents moving from door to door in this village of something over 3,000 residents, searching for firearms prior to the arrival of the great one. All of this during hunting season in what could only be referred to as “rural America,” of course.

I do sincerely believe this was a test run—a trial balloon if you will—for more of the same all across the fruited plain in the very near future.

Bet you didn’t see this report from the media whores, nor did you hear any protest from sitting republicans in our government.

This information came from a current resident of Kotzebue who experienced a visit from members of the Standing Army known as the Secret Service who demanded they be allowed to enter his home and search for firearms, sans probable cause, of course.

In Rightful Liberty