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by OPOVV, ©2015

(Oct. 4, 2015) — Hey, Obama, cat got your tongue? The Dude’s or Duda’s name is ‘Mohammad.’ Come on, let’s all say it out loud together:

“The sorry Muslim coward who wantonly murdered those young adults in Oregon was on some kind of psycho frenzy because she or he had some kind of worm inside their brain, a worm that ate any semblance of empathy and humanity that person had when it was born.

“Hate is the opposite of ever acquiring a stable community in which to raise the young to respect the tried-and-true constructive methods which would give individuals the opportunity to fulfill their destinies (reference the Ten Commandments).

“Freedom has been the culmination of thousands of years to allow for the spirit of the individual to flourish. Some unfortunate people, for whatever reason, fail to grasp the astonishing significance of having a questioning and boundless imagination. The worldwide everlasting popularity of classical music is a prime example of the human spirit stretching the envelope of expression, as are sculptures and paintings.

“Isn’t it telling, therefore, that the followers of Islam target the vehicles of freedom of thought and expression, even so much as wantonly destroying any artifact of the ancient past, as if the existence of humanity before the existence of Mohammad is somehow, for some made-up excuse, not acceptable.

“Hard to discount facts, but easy if one lives a lie. Any system of belief that encompasses the total elimination of any and all dissenting alternatives should be considered suspect if for no other reason than to give lip-service to the old wives’ saying, ‘The majority is always wrong.’

“The public library has been the church of America since the first one opened in the 1700’s. In this new house of worship one can find opinion after opinion and everything written about religion, philosophy and humans’ place among the stars. On one shelf one can read about how life began from the ocean’s life’s soup to how earth was colonized by an alien race from the galaxy Andromeda.

“But if there were one basic rule (and there is), it would be this: The Golden Rule.

“This raging, short-circuited individual by the name of Mohammad who went on a worthless and wasteful killing spree in Oregon somehow missed life’s lesson #1: the Golden Rule.

“For, to us rational beings, it is quite unbelievable how someone could be passed by and be made completely unaware of the basic building blocks that make a community strive for more knowledge, more enlightenment, more freedom. It is quite amazing how anyone could turn his back on new discoveries made daily in medicine, technology, astronomy and history.

“But Mohammad, the Oregon shooter, somehow missed all of that. But he or she isn’t alone, were they? No, because we see thousands of impressionable young people with brain-eating worms, destroying any sense of humanity that they were born with. There’s no better example than what went down in that school in Beslan, Russia, in 2004, yet the same tabloid is being replayed every day in some part of the world, as it just was in that Community College in Oregon.

“Somewhere, today, an atrocity is taking place by someone by the name of Mohammed. Isn’t it time that Western Civilization add 2 and 2 and finally get 4, or are we to just stand by as enablers and witness our own destruction?

“Under Islam all hope is forever lost:, no art; no laughter; no thought; no music; no play; no childhood; no hope. Gone forever.

“The murderer’s name is Mohammad.”

[Dear Reader;

We’re playing a high-stakes game, and with every Muslim immigrant into Europe and the USA, we’re losing.

In the history of our species, in the whole history of mankind, there is nothing that comes close, there is no greater atrocity than that which occurred in Beslan, Russia, in 2004, by just your average-moderate Muslim.

And the fact that the same unbelievably horrible tragedy is a daily occurrence by these savages better wake us up really, really quickly, as in yesterday, or we’ll be under Sharia Law, and then we’ll be just as defenseless and helpless as those little children in that school in Beslan.

Our only hope, our only possible survival and salvation is our ability to protect ourselves, our family and our country by honoring our 2nd Amendment  by carrying a weapon at all times. Our country, no thanks to our politicians, is becoming a more violent place daily. As they say, ‘Better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.’ Forewarned is forearmed. Just do it.]

Semper Fi