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by Michael Gaddy, ©2015

Freddie Gray died on April 19, 2015 after his arrest by Baltimore police one week earlier

(Oct. 3, 2015) — In recent rants, I have noted the problems we as a country have inherited from two blatantly unconstitutional issues or programs; that being our Welfare State and the “War on Drugs.” Both of these programs have wide support among liberals and conservatives. Unfortunately, the majority of people have no problem with unconstitutional legislation that fits their desires or beliefs. For instance, while many local, regional and national farmers are most critical of food stamps and other forms of socialism, they have absolutely no problem whatsoever with the US Department of Agriculture’s “Conservation Reserve Program” (CRP) which provides farmers large taxpayer-funded subsidies to not farm their land. (Both welfare whores and farmers are being paid to do nothing) Believe me; if a farmer protests other unconstitutional government programs, they sometimes receive not-so-subtle reminders of the “free money” they receive; money that is extracted from their fellow Americans by threat or coercion.

Well, out of the farmlands and back to “Black lives matter.”

With the recent “mass shooting” in Oregon being played out on every available news outlet, those of us who support our Bill of Rights in its entirety knew that before the bodies in Oregon assumed room temperature, politicians would use that event to call for more attacks on the aforementioned Bill of Rights, especially the Second Amendment.

The sociopath politicians who exude all of the faux emotionalism designed for consumption by Americanus Ignoramus prove, by speaking of limiting individual rights to protect oneself from harm before some of the next-of-kin of the deceased are even notified, cares not one iota for the victims of the crime they address; their minds are consumed with securing for government more and more power over the individual.

While the president metaphorically stood on the stacked bodies of the victims of the Oregon shooting in order to promote his socialistic goals, he was also trampling on the lives of the approximate 6,000 young black men that die from violence in the inner cities of this country each year; victims of the two aforementioned unconstitutional programs, the Welfare State and the War on Drugs.

Many cities and municipalities will not reveal statistics relating to inner city violence, especially if it does not fit the agendas of the political elite. But, I have located some statistics released by several cities which are most revealing.

There is Baltimore, a city in the news recently concerning Freddie Gray and the ensuing violence concerning his death at the hands of the police; a city of something over 600,000 folks and Wilmington, Delaware, a city of almost 71,000.

First off let us take a look at some statistics from Wilmington, Delaware referencing homicides in that city in the year 2007.

Those statistics show the majority of homicides in that city occurred between midnight and 1;00 AM early Sunday morning. The records indicate a total number of shooting victims at 140 for that reporting period. Facts pertaining to the “Victims” reveal the following:

91% were male; 80% were Black; 23.5% were aged 18-21; 53% refused to cooperate with police in determining their attackers; 78% had previous criminal records; 65% had at least two prior arrests for drugs; 37% had prior felony weapons charges; 17% qualified as career criminals; 44% were active in local drug trafficking; 80% of those victims had their first arrest as a juvenile.

Now, statistics for the “Suspects” here:

97% of the suspects were minority males; 91% were Black; 48% were between 18-21; 92% had criminal records; 57% had been arrested at least twice for drug law violations; 81% had previous weapons charges; 43% qualified as career criminals; 65% actively involved in drug trade; 89% of the suspects’ first arrest was as a juvenile; in 92% of the 140 shootings, both victim and suspect were Black and only 31% of the cases was solved by authorities.

My simple question is this: If Welfare programs and the War on Drugs did not exist, what would the Victims and Suspects be doing instead of dealing drugs and shooting each other?

If you care to see a plethora of information concerning similar statistics in Baltimore, you can access those at http://tinyurl.com/6a4jkn. The site is interactive.

If you would like to see statistics for Los Angeles, California, they can be found here:


Similar statistics for Chicago can be found here:


Why do all the “Black lives” shown for both victims and suspects in the above not matter to a president who revels in his ethnicity and a congress and news media who are more concerned with increasing debt ceilings, bombing the villain du jour, banning Confederate symbols and gay marriage? I can tell you why; dealing with those people and the causes which in large part are brought about with government programs gone terribly wrong do not promote an increase in government control over the people; total control being the desired end result. To reveal the failure of government’s unconstitutional programs in all of these cities would be counterproductive to the government protection from cradle to the grave myth. It would expose the myth that “Black lives matter.”

Individual ownership of firearms is either greatly restricted or out and out illegal in the cities listed above; yet, the failure of such unconstitutional restrictions to produce the results politicians, government employees and their shills in the media claim will be achieved if we simply accept more of their terribly flawed programs, is never addressed.

Those among our founders known as the Anti-Federalists knew from their knowledge of history and human nature that unsavory and unprincipled people would eventually gain the reins of government if “eternal vigilance” was not practiced by the people and our Bill of Rights strictly adhered to. They knew usurpation of the delegated powers would lead not only to loss of individual freedoms but also economic disaster and tremendous loss of life.

The unconstitutional acts known as our Welfare Society, the War on Drugs and the War on Terror have vastly increased the powers of government and led to almost complete loss of individual rights, terrible economic disaster and a tremendous loss of life. One would be hard pressed to determine which one of these unconstitutional acts has cost us the most blood and treasure.

When dead bodies are used by government to provide them with more power, it is far past time for the people of this country to wake up and smell the coffee. But, be aware; the mass shootings will not cease until the government has its way and disarms everyone but their standing armies.

In the 20th Century alone, over 200 million people came to violent ends at the hands of their government. No matter how much our president pretends to be “moved emotionally,” Black lives, White lives, or any other life matters only to the degree it can increase government authority over our lives and property.

In Rightful Liberty