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by OPOVV, ©2015

Who are the modern-day Minute Men?

(Oct. 2, 2015) — After my military service I took advantage of the G.I. Bill, and when that ran out I continued going to various trade schools, colleges and universities for the next 12 or so years all across the country. Then there was the training by various companies acquiring multiple professional licenses. I’ve spent more time in libraries than anybody except librarians.

I flew across the Pacific Ocean and all around the States. Went to movie theaters, restaurants and bars. Nightclubs in Vegas.

Went to people’s houses, weddings and funerals. Went to parades and political speeches.

Part of my platform when I was a presidential candidate in 2011 was to award all young women a lightweight .357 Magnum revolver upon graduation from high school. I also stated that in order to get a driver’s license, a woman would be required to show a loaded pistol in her purse.

I even went as far as requiring all teachers be ex-military and armed.

There is no way that a policeman is related in any way whatsoever to a military man. There is absolutely no connection between the two. A policeman wants to get home safely, while a military man wants to get the job done. There is no better example than what went down in Columbine, Colorado.

The commander of the SWAT team in Columbine wasted time and effort while the students inside the school were being murdered. He sat on his backside until all was quiet inside the building, and then, and only then, sent multiple policemen in to “secure” the area. Looked pretty impressive on television, though: all those SWAT team members running around in circles.

The military would’ve immediately sent in a team of two hunter/killers on a search-and-destroy mission to end the threat.

And that’s the difference between the two, between a policeman and a soldier: talk it to death or just get the job done.

Me? I’m a “Get-the-job-done” kind of guy, which was why I was ALWAYS armed. That’s right: while in every classroom I was armed with a loaded revolver — a real gun with real bullets — in my pocket. I was keeping numero uno safe and, by default, everyone around me just as safe. I called it “collateral survival.”

Today we hear about “Safe Zones,” lockdown areas, student awareness waste-of-time-programs that leave the helpless undefended. In the so-called “Safe Zones” they even have poles with a button to “Press for Emergency” and multiple cameras to “identity the bad guys.” False security.

No, they don’t — and won’t — “get it.” They never do. The shame of it is that it’s always someone else’s kid who bites the dust, never theirs. Little do they know that if the good guys were armed, all this bad-guy stuff would’ve been rendered negligible years ago.

Look at Chicago with its strict gun laws. What’s the point in disarming law-abiding citizens only to have them defenseless and, therefore, easy pickings for every nitwit with a gun?

The joke’s on us. While our politicians advocate the abolishing of the 2nd Amendment, they travel with armed body guards. It’s called hypocrisy. Me? The only way I’ll ever give up any weapon of mine is to have it pried from my cold, dead hands.

If there was any place where you really need a gun, it’s in a “GUN FREE ZONE.” Do yourself, your family and your community a favor: be proactive: arm yourself.

[Here’s a rhetorical question for you: is the United States a safer country in which to live since Obama became the de facto president? And now ask yourself why. Would his failure on allowing undesirables immigrating into our country have anything to do with your answer? Would Obama’s and ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s abject failure in beneficial foreign policy for the USA in the Middle East and — by extension — the rest of the world have had a bearing on your answer?]

[Look, I know this is just an editorial, no big deal, but the message IS a big deal. Seriously, go out and arm yourself. Stand up for America. Be part of the citizen Army that will save America, because if we don’t do it, there’s just no one left BUT us to do it. Get the message?]

[A note in passing: my father retired from being an airline pilot for over 30 years and on every flight he carried his service revolver. Be assured it wasn’t company policy to have armed pilots, but also be assured that he had the ability and the power to keep his passengers and his aircraft safe.]

Semper Fi