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by Michael Gaddy, ©2015

(Sep. 30, 2015) — Arguably, the most prevalent form of mental illness in this country is cognitive disconnect. People get totally lost when it comes to being able to rationally address cause and effect. Of course, mental acuity, when saturated with liberal doses of emotionalism and group-think becomes feeble to non-existent.

The symptom I wish to address specifically is one that has been on the political table for decades: immigration. The causes, which are all too often ignored, are directly related to unconstitutional acts by our government. Many times these unconstitutional acts are wildly supported by a constitutionally ignorant population.

First, let us take a look at the out-of-control illegal immigration into our country from our neighbor to the south. Almost all of this illegal activity can be attributed to our unconstitutional drug laws and the vaunted “war on drugs” that has emaciated our Bill of Rights to a disease-ridden skeleton of what was intended by those we call Anti-federalists in our founding history.

If there was ever a litmus test for those who claim to be “constitutionalists,” it would be their stance on drug laws. As stated in previous rants, as a country we believed an amendment to our Constitution was required to prohibit sale, possession and consumption of alcohol; thus the 18th Amendment.

After 13 years of rampant crime and the establishment of very organized criminal elements who were buying cops, judges and assorted politicians, the 18th was repealed by the 21st. The people of this country recognized the futility of any attempt to legislate morals, but witnessed the accompanying loss of individual rights and the rise of the police state with more and more powers specifically designed to increase powers of the government at the cost of personal freedoms. We completely ignored all the lessons learned from this debacle in the establishment and prosecution of the “war on drugs.”

I believe it would be safe to say that people who simply illegally walk across our southern border do so for one of three reasons. First, many are seeking to escape the Narco-state government of Mexico, a government that is predominantly bought and paid for by drug cartels, much as our government was bought and paid for by the organized crime during prohibition and its attendant violence. Violence directly related to the drug cartels in Mexico is pandemic. How could anyone not understand the basic human desire to escape such violence?

Secondly, many of those who illegally enter our country do so to profit from the drug trade and human trafficking. They bring the violence of Mexico to the streets of our country. If you doubt this for a second, just tune in to the news of any metropolitan area and watch and listen to the crimes perpetrated on good citizens and check the ethnicity of those who are charged in those crimes. I can remember at one time, when our family lived in Tucson, Arizona, the “10 most wanted” fugitives from justice were all illegal aliens. I would assume it is not much different in most towns and cities today.  Of course political correctness demands such things as citizenship status not be mentioned in the reporting of these multitude of crimes against legal citizens and their property.

Third, there are those who simply come to this country to feast and live on another unconstitutional act by our government; to wit, social welfare programs. As was stated by Libertarian writer Hans Herman Hoppe, when one lives in a country that has welfare programs, immigration rapidly becomes an invasion. There is a provision in our Constitution that requires our government protect each and every state from invasion (Article IV, section IV) but it has been ignored in favor of unconstitutional acts such as welfare and the so-called war on drugs. Is there a possibility our southern border is kept open and unprotected to facilitate drug movement?

Now, the internet and social media is alive with the discussion of immigrants fleeing to countries in Europe, with our country now announcing plans to accept a few hundred thousand of these folks as well. But, there is very little discussion of why those folks are leaving their home countries by the millions. Think about it: how hard would it be for you to just pull up stakes and start walking to another country? How bad would things have to be for you to undertake such an action? Could it be the illegal, unconstitutional, immoral wars you have been supporting for the past 13 plus years in the Middle East might be the root cause of this massive immigration? It is inherent in humans to flee from violence and migrate toward freedom. A close examination of why our ancestors migrated to this country might hold some answers.

What is that inscription again on the Statue of Liberty by Emma Lazarus?

“Give me your tired, your poor, 
Your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

Are we not even more responsible for those people considering our unconstitutional military intervention and the asinine belief in American exceptionalism that created the “tired, poor, huddled masses, yearning to breathe free?” For those of you who cannot seem to grasp the true meaning of American exceptionalism, it is when the acts of others, countries or politicians, are considered criminal, but if America does the same thing it is both correct and laudable.

Syrians injured during the civil war, which began in March 2011

The very real result of our support for unconstitutional acts such as welfare programs, drug wars and immoral military actions are the migration of vast numbers of people who do not simply seek to “breathe free” but intend to inflict retribution on the people they see as the ones who caused them to flee their home countries. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the large numbers of young men who are among those fleeing wars in the Middle East? One must ask himself: are any of those young men relatives or friends of those who have died at the hands of those we support militarily in the Middle East or perhaps our own soldiers? Could there be relatives or friends of those who have perished during drone attacks such as those at a wedding in Pakistan? Does the story of the Trojan Horse have validity here?

There are a multitude of pertinent idioms pertaining to this issue: “You reap what you sow,” “Actions have consequences,” “It is time to pay the fiddler.”

We have supported and defended unconstitutional acts because it gave us some emotional feeling of compassion, righting wrongs, leveling the playing field or that age-old prescription for destruction: “working for the greater good.” Unfortunately, ignoring the basic principles of our country for such an extended period of time has brought the “chickens home to roost.”

We will soon be more awash in the results of ignoring our Constitution and Bill of Rights. These immigrants will bring on crime and violence of an unparalleled level which will require even more welfare and more police state activities with a total loss of individual liberty. Imagine if you will, Chicago or Baltimore on a weekend in every community in this country.

We have traded away our rights as granted by our Creator for a few decades of feel-good emotionalism. The resultant “feelings” from our unconstitutional acts will not feel very good at all. There will be much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth, and little consolation will be found in the fact we supported it all.

In Rightful Liberty