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(Sep. 24, 2015) — [Important Note to Readers: just as students are not allowed to take a trigonometry class unless they’ve demonstrated an expertise in basic math, this editorial can be read only by people who have demonstrated the ability to reason. If you are a reader who voted for Obama, you are not allowed to be in the adult section of this country. If you haven’t figured out that Socialism has never worked in any country, anywhere, at any time, and will not work in the future, you are not allowed to read further. If you haven’t reasoned that our country has been taken over by a bunch of thugs (just as 1930’s Germany), you are hopeless, helpless and heartless. If you admire Mao, then I’m afraid you’re too far gone to ever be saved. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is. Face it. Grow up. Now I wouldn’t want to upset anyone, but if you can’t handle facts, then do yourself a great big favor and avoid a spike in your blood pressure which may or may not lead directly to a heart attack by not reading further.

On the other hand, if you are a human being who has retained the ability to reason, to change your opinion when presented with facts, then, by all means, read on. I hope you will join me and others in the real revolution that has been taking place on our planet since 1776.]

A majority of the people on our planet live under draconian conditions that overwhelmingly favor a small ruling class over the majority.

The current refugee crisis in Europe is the direct result of Western Civilization’s failure in dealing with Islam once and for all. Islam is a political philosophy first and foremost and perhaps can be considered in a religious context after the requirements to the State are fulfilled: an expenditure in expanding the State may afford one a place in “paradise” where men are rewarded and women are ignored. Islam is a system of government that has been in an expansion mode for over 1,400 years. Muslim women have been committing suicide at alarming rates for the last 1,400 years because, once Sharia is introduced, there is no way out.

But a country doesn’t have to be 100% Sharia-compliant for women to be trapped in Islam. In many of our cities taxi drivers deliver Muslim women to Muslim Armories (mosques), women who were attempting to leave their abusive Muslim husbands and fathers. These girls and women are never seen or heard from again. No doubt America’s “Killing Fields” can be found on the Afghan displaced terrorist training camps scattered throughout the United States. These “camps” are often called “Islamovilles” where the public, police and even the FBI are not allowed in.

Many drones with video capability have spied on these “Islamovilles” and documented Army-style training: marching, shooting ranges and obstacle courses.

Muslims are people who follow the Quran, a book on a particular style of government. Once Sharia Law (Islamic Law) is introduced, all hope for enlightenment is abandoned. Anyone caught reading the Bible is put to death. The “Religious Police” have the final say in all matters. Often justice is alarmingly swift: from accused of blasphemy to death can be a matter of minutes. To be accused of being a homosexual to being thrown off a tall building or hung from a crane or lamppost can also happen in a matter of minutes.

A girl who inadvertently exposes a bare ankle, for instance, while walking up steps, can be severely beaten. A trace of fingernail polish can lead to having ALL the fingernails pulled out with a pair of pliers by the “Religious Police,” right there on the sidewalk, in broad daylight.

And it is these people, these Muslims, these savages who the Obama Administration has been welcoming into our country.

Muslims do not assimilate.

The actual teachings of the Quran and the Constitution are at opposite ends; 180 degrees apart, and never will meet under any circumstances.

And that’s it in a nutshell.

The real-world revolution is Democracy that brings freedom to the people, so why are we welcoming people into our country who wish to destroy us?

Ask an Obot. What made them hate the “Beacon of Hope” for the world so much that they’re willing to act as traitors by supporting such marginal people as Barry Soetoro (aka Obama), Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Hillary?

We are left with a clear and present danger: Muslims in our country. The question is: what are we going to do about it? Do we elect a president who will solve the problem or hide his head in the sand, be “politically correct,” and perhaps finish what Obama started: the destruction of the USA?

The choice is clear: it’s either Sharia or the Constitution; one or the other. If we allow Muslims in, it’s eventual slavery and death; if we refuse Muslims entry and deport those who are here, then the chance for Western Civilization to flourish, grow and spread The Good News will be kept alive.

It’s a simple choice: Join the Revolution for Freedom or condemn America to slavery.

Semper Fi


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  1. Stephen Hiller   Friday, September 25, 2015 at 7:30 AM

    Voting for and possibly electing another (any other) President won’t change the situation. I don’t believe voting in 2016 is even going to happen. Those waiting for the next election before they “do something” are going to have a very long wait. Eating the organic foods of political correctness has not stopped the growth of this cancer. The prognosis calls for major surgery. You are right, the Quran forbids assimilation of Muslims into an infidel culture – it’s the infidels who must assimilate. So why do they come here in the first place? Their book also demands they conquer all infidels. Period.

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