by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 24, 2015) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump does not appear to have issued many tweets since last evening following an obscene comment made by Fox News contributor Rich Lowry on “The Kelly File” hosted by Megyn Kelly last night.

However, appearing in Trump’s Twitter feed are comments from Kelly, whose now seven-week “feud” with Trump, fueled by Lowry’s unexpected vulgarity uttered on Wednesday, reportedly will culminate in a meeting among Trump, Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, and several other corporate executives next week about the treatment he has received from the cable news outlet.

Since Kelly is now offering her opinion of Trump as a presidential candidate, something a journalist is not expected to do, The Post & Email directed the following tweet to her in response:

Responses to Kelly’s “opinion” are not favorable.

Kelly also tweeted that Trump’s polling numbers are “flat,” while other Republicans’ numbers are “rising:”

Kelly does not appear to have issued a statement on Lowry’s remark, which prompted Trump to demand an apology from both Fox and Lowry.  In response, Lowry issued a tweet repeating the obscene term, demanding that Trump apologize for slights Lowry perceived were made against presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

On Thursday, Trump issued a tweet about a poll done in New Hampshire:

National Review, of which Lowry has been editor for 18 years, issued the following tweet on Thursday, claiming that Lowry’s remark caused Trump to “throw a fit” without addressing whether or not the remark was appropriate:

Approximately an hour later, Trump issued a series of tweets on additional poll results:

One commenter in the feed wrote:

Trump, who announced his candidacy in June, immediately took first place in polling as a political “outsider” whose campaign slogan is “Make American Great Again.”

A Trump supporter posted a “Trump Fight Song” not affiliated with Trump’s campaign featuring photos of well-known politicians, Megyn Kelly, various supporters with Trump at various campaign stops, and Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In Lowry’s Twitter feed on Thursday evening, National Review tweeted that Lowry’s remark on Kelly’s program was “brutally hilarious” and caused Trump to “go on a rampage” with a link to the shocking exchange from Wednesday evening.

Also on Thursday, National Review also published an article titled, “Trump wants the FCC to find Rich Lowry for not being PC.”  The author, who claimed to be Lowry’s subordinate, pointed out that Trump has previously denounced “political correctness” and characterized the comment made by “her boss” as simply “saying something politically incorrect” rather than obscene.

A commenter then placed the responsibility for Lowry’s comment on Kelly:

On her own Twitter feed, Kelly continued her criticism of Trump.

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  1. The problem is that we have allowed program directors and news agents to attempt to elevated “mike jocks” to “celebrity status” in a market filled with “artificial celebrities” and most morons don’t seem to notice the difference. Given the “millennial” market and the noise they are forced to follow which is either “rap/hate, electronic ostinado repetitive beats, idiotic harmonies all over the scale, death metal total distortion, silly attempts at copying folk sounds of 60’s folk heroes, you name it, it is no wonder that the “millennials” are confused. The broadcast industry is sloughing its way through the Obama scam as has been evident with FOX “Fair And Balanced,” which is 50% true reporting and 50% non-involvement as with the case of Obama’s illegal POTUS under Article 2 as a “Dual Citizen” whose eligibility was falsified by PELOSI and BIDEN on the 2008 DNC Vetting Papers. This is the biggest sham ever pulled on the American public and Military. DNC Operatives have illegally blocked all Criminal Presentments in all courts against DNC members since 2008 using judicial agreement and “no standing” rules illegally to deny Discovery and Prosecution of any and all DNC members. You technically have no rights under that or “Corporate Trust Law” as a “trustee” under current amended law since 1946 as established to protect trial attorneys and to improve revenue in the court systems. Has ANYONE been prosecuted since 2008 in the DNC for crimes committed? The operation of FOX News is disgusting while it is the only “agency” that keeps citizens hanging for the “truth” with bits and pieces of pieces when America needs all the truth. Megyn is a spoiled young lawyer who is being compensated on air more than she would be making in a law office. Americans are tired of seeing the rich and entitled sitting as their representatives when they are only serving themselves. Bill O’Reilly and all the other mike jocks and talk show elixir salesmen are selling books, pinwheels, t-shirts, and subscriptions to nonsense while murder and illegal imprisonment goes on. Has any one of these phony celebrities mentioned or tried to help the 6 American Veterans who were illegally imprisoned by DNC Operatives to keep their mouths shut? I’m not impressed with any of these people and FOX news rotating their #10 models from month to month to keep viewers watching. As soon as one gets a wrinkle they are moved to a back room job or other non-camera position. It has become so cosmetic and godless that the entire system is a comedy circus. What do the “trustees” get from all this, the joy of watching it all go round? Send Megyn Plastic Barbie Doll back to private practive-let Trump run the show.