by Don Fredrick, ©2015, The Obama Timeline

(Sep. 23, 2015) — (lyrics by Don Fredrick; sung to the tune of “That’s Amore”)

When you murder your child

’Cause she acted quite wild,

That’s sharia.

When strong acid is thrown

’Cause some leg has been shown,

That’s sharia.


Stones are thrown at a girl alone ’cause she won’t atone,

For the freedom she longs for.

That she strives just to stay alive and desires to drive

May someday lead to world war.


When the theft of some bread

Means they’ll slice off your head,

That’s sharia.

When you’re married at nine

But denied beer or wine,

That’s the law.

When your nightmares come true,

’Specially if you’re a Jew,

That’s expected.

Or at least and until

All your jizya’s collected.


When you miss your fifth prayer

And you’re tossed down the stairs,

That’s sharia.

When to whistle a tune

Means you’re dead before noon,

That’s sharia.


Limbs are shed by that guy Ahmed merely ’cause he read,

From the Bible.

Now he knows all will come to blows ’cause his neighbors chose

To be tribal.


When a man beats his wife

’Til the end of her life,

That’s sharia.

When taqiyya is used

To keep others confused,

That’s the rule.

And with White House consent

Iran proudly becomes,

Like Korea.

It’s the end of mankind

Lest we soon change our minds

’Bout sharia.



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