by Cody Robert Judy, Presidential Candidate, ©2015

(Sep. 21, 2015) — In a recent article Presidential Candidate and Dr. Ben Carson was excoriated for insinuating he did not think a Muslim was fit to be President Reported by Tamron Hall and Hallie Jackson reporting about their own NBC’s Chuck Todd in a Meet the Press interview with Dr. Carson. The controversial comment was stated to be another distraction for the GOP  Republican Party by NBC in the consideration of how much a candidate’s faith should matter to voters.

The press ran to the U.S. Constitution over the matter citing Article 6 “but no religious Test shall ever be required as a qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” Dr. Carson was insinuating He did not think Islam was consistent as a religion in America defined by the Constitution stating, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this Nation,” but he also said voting for a Congressman who was Muslim was different and tried to clarify his position stating what policies someone supports as the basis for his consideration.

We have hardly had a break between Dr. Carson stating that prison made people gay and his apology for that on the front cover of Time Magazine.

NBC’s Chuck Todd continued with the near litmus test of the media to GOP Candidates, “Do you believe President Obama was born in America and is a Christian?” which is near a contradiction of what the advocacy of the Constitution in Article Six states that it should not matter. So why did it matter to Chuck Todd in the order of asking Ben Carson about Barack Obama? Dr. Carson said he had no reason to disbelieve what Obama said.

So what has Obama said about the fact that he was a Muslim that contradicts what Mr. Carson says in that he had no reason to believe Obama was a Muslim? There seems really just as many reasons for Obama to be considered a Muslim as there is that he is considered a Christian by Obama’s own words, registration of record in school, if you take all of his words as the truth.

It is therefore easily understood that confusion exist when it comes to Obama by many including his notorious framing of the anti-Muslim video tape as the reason inciting the terrorist attacks at Benghazi, and the in fact acting as the air-force support for the Muslim Brotherhood who took control of Libya after Muommar Qaddafi was killed, arming ISIS militants through Qatar and even now accused by Russia of supporting and arming radical ISIS or jihad fighters that has caused the horrendous immigrant problems cascading over the nations of the world now.

See the video and read the rest here.

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  1. Owning the last 25 terrorist attacks on or in the U.S.A. it is difficult not to tie radical Islamist Muslims as a common factor woven between them, though in comparison to the ratio of peacefully practicing religious people these are less concerning then car accidents affecting people.

    It is the nature of many people to hold an animosity towards different Faiths then themselves hold. I believe Dr. Carson understood that no religious litmus test should exist for any Office defined in the Constitution, but like many bad policies that come in a general sweep of the entire populations, mass punishment can be a very bad road to entertain as a warrant.

    It is the same road in fact that would insist the American Population be totally disarmed as a result of gun-violence. We have to be very careful in treading upon a ‘general policy’ motivated by individuals that can and are held to account in our Criminal Justice System.


  2. How is the Media able to gloss over the conflict between Sharia Law and the Constitution. We have had more than six years of someone I believe is a Muslim in the White House and anyone with a brain can see the adherence to the Muslim side of the equation that may never be able to be fixed. The Muslims are trying to institute Sharia Law in many cities in America and are crying for it to be adopted in many countries around the globe. With a President as a Muslim and all of the other Muslim infiltrators in Congress and all of the bureaucracies it will not be long before the Constitution is null and void if it isn’t already. Dr. Carson is absolutely correct.

    Semper Fi