by New York State Grassroots Groups, ©2015

(Sep. 15, 2015) — The scope of New York’s problems is immense. It seems the people who have left the state are the leaders who would be most able to fight the corrupt government. The leaders remaining are just floundering in desperation. New York’s “activists” leadership – yes, the organizations and group leaders – have lost all gravitas. From the 2A issues to every other ill of OUR society, these leaders no longer appeal to the masses – they cannot even gather sizable crowds to hear their rhetoric. Is it because the people lost interest? NO – it is because they pander to the established politicians and power base and blatantly push their own self-interests and quest for money instead of passionately fighting to illuminate the corrupt laws that have been imposed upon US.

Foolish leaders thought the troops could be fooled. Instead, they found the scope of their influence dwindled. If NEW Leadership Does Not Rise Up – Here And Now – OUR Destiny Is Bleak And Dismal.

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