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(Sep. 14, 2015) — Millions of refugees swarming Europe, and nobody knows what to do (well, somebody knows what to do; trust me on this one).

The quality of the overwhelming majority of these so-called “refugees” is, in reality, the vanguard of an invading army. They are the sneaky spies and infiltrators; the procurers of mosque permits. The over-burdening of the Welfare State: “She is my wife and they are my kids; and she is my wife and these are my kids; and this third one is my wife and these others, too, are my kids.”

Those who believe in Good Deeds need not apply. Live the Golden Rule? Sorry, closed: we reached our quota, Muslims all, people who will never assimilate, never become part of the human race we have welcomed because we have no honor: we have no future; we kissed our children’s lives goodbye: we will never have great-great-great grandchildren because, somewhere down the line, they’ll finally get around to killing us all. Maybe not US, as in you and me, but we’ll be held accountable because we’ll be responsible.

Look at London, Marseilles, Stockholm and decide for yourself if their immigration policy was beneficial to them or not. Look at the Twin Cities, Dearborn, St. Louis, Newark, Orlando, Los Angeles and a thousand and one other places in the United States and answer the same question.

The influx of refugees is but a symptom of the problem. The problem is Islam.

Either deal with the problem or suffer the symptoms.

Looks like Europe is going to suffer the symptoms.

Looks like the USA is going to suffer the symptoms.

There’s no one who has what it’ll take to set the world straight, now, is there?

Semper Fi


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