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by New York State Grassroots Groups

(Sep. 11, 2015) — New York has fallen off a cliff – our society’s fabric and decent people’s well-being has been devastated. At this time in history it seems there is no hope for decent people to achieve prosperity or enjoy any freedom and liberty. Look around – in all corners of New York – all you see is despair, crumbling buildings – filth, dirt – tattered and torn people wallowing in self-pity and desperation – a helpless hopeless society is New York.

If the people of New York do not rise up – here and NOW – our destiny is bleak and dismal.

Herein are:

  • Powerful Words That Capture the Reality of New York’s Government.
  • OUR hope is that they inspire YOU to take real and decisive ACTION – Starting NOW

Please view, listen and read the words of Denver Jones in this powerful 4 minute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlNlxqBM2qI


Denver Jones Exposing NY Corruption

Hi, I’m Denver Jones. For many years, I have been a civic activist. Learning the shocking truth about how New York’s government is manipulated caused me to enter the political fray a few years ago. Yes, I have chosen to run for the NY senate. What you may not know is exactly why. I have done so to publicly expose the massive corruption that has destroyed my community and our entire state.  By me running a transparent campaign for office as a total “outsider” has forced the ruling class to expose themselves. My campaign focuses on the possibility of increasing the chance that we can return NYS to true democratic elections and good, honest governing.

So far, I have done my best to expose and disrupt the ruling management’s plans to keep growing an ever-increasing power structure that operates for their own personal benefit – our government is like their own piggy bank. Our election process is totalitarian and void of democratic process. The election process is structured to keep the chosen people entrenched while keeping decent, honest people out of office. I believe that my running for office has resulted in exposing the powerbase and how corrupt their mindset and motives are.

The Tom Libous machine has controlled the 52nd district – and much of the state’s government affairs for decades. In this district nearly every elected position of both republicans and democrats are under the iron fist control of the all-powerful Libous built machine.

Under the direction of the Libous structured organization, the main theme of government has been to form “partnerships” where special people, corporations and government agencies strip taxpayer dollars from fundamentals and put money in Tax-free schemes, giveaway grants, unproductive urban renewal projects, social engineering and any scheme that will misdirect tax dollars and put billions of dollars into the chosen ones pockets. For decades, NY’s government has been a lucrative business for a select group while it has devastated the rest of us.

By my running in the current “special election” to replace the convicted felon Tom Libous, the ruling powers have now been forced to come out in the open. Out of desperation, they have exposed the corrupt, unfair and undemocratic rules and procedures – and the breaking of the election laws are now completely exposed. Anyone following this election is fully aware that those in power will stop at nothing to keep the outsiders “OUT”.   Neither Laws, rules nor integrity are even a consideration.

In this “Special Election” the Democrats and Republicans simply anointed candidates without any public input or scrutiny – NO democratic process whatsoever. They have twisted every rule and pulled every trick there is to keep me and others off the ballot and out of the race.

Yes, this process is now an open book. The facts are self-evident – the misconduct is undisputable – the case awaits any decent person willing to step forward and seek justice for New York and end this horrific corruption of our election system and the corrupt governance we have suffered under for decades.

I feel I have laid the foundation to enable meaningful positive changes in New York. The question now is – is New York a wasteland with no hope – or will someone step up and take the risk to truly challenge the status-quo?

A wise man once said: “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

By Jesus Christ – book of Thomas

Thank you – God Bless America.

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