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(Sep. 10, 2015) — On Wednesday presidential candidate Donald Trump trashed his whole immigration program out the window when he said that he’d take in the “refugees” of Europe, thereby nullifying any bold talk about “Let’s make America great again.”

The reason there are “refugees” in the first place can be laid 100% at the feet of Islam.

Take in Muslims? How do Muslims = America Great again? Maybe someone should educate Trump on what Islam is all about.

There’s a difference between an invading army and serious refugees who immigrate to another country to assimilate in order to join in the growth and prosperity of a country.

Muslims making a country “great?” How do “honor killings benefit anybody? Want the most recent example of Muslims making a country “great?” Just look at the so-called “Palestinians” for how to squander opportunity.

Maybe Trump should research the history of Islam to the discovery of oil. Maybe Trump should be informed that it’s the petrol dollars that’s been funding the spreading of the Sharia throughout the world.

No, I’m sorry, Trump failed on all counts. He doesn’t get it; not everyone does, you know. But our next president better “get it” if America is going to have any future at all.

Maybe Trump will face up to his error, apologize, admit that he was totally stupid, and go from there.

Fat chance.

[If Trump has any ambition to follow in the footsteps of OPOVV’s presidential platform, my advice to him would be to know what the heck you’re talking about and hold your ground. Stand firm. Be a man and not some “wishy-washy’ politician who changes his mind whichever way the wind blows. Afraid to “offend” Muslims, Donald? Afraid to not be “politically-correct” when it comes to Islam? If you think that millions of Muslims in America backed by BILLIONS of dollars is going to help make America great again, you better pack it up and let someone in that has what it really takes to get the job done.

The Direct Order

“I gave you a direct order, soldier. Now follow it.”

“Beg your pardon, Sir, but I’m not a ‘soldier;’ I’m a sailor who was shanghaied into this cluster mess. Look, you’re wounded, so let’s just say you’re delirious and out of your mind. I’m not going to sit around and wait to be killed as soon as the Gooks have enough light to see good enough to get a bead on me.

“So this is what we’re going to do.”

“Who made you in charge? What’s your rank, or rate, and what do you do? What’s your job?”

“Here are the facts:  if we stay here we’re dead; it’s as simple as that. And as to who put me in charge, I did, so get used to it. And what do I do? I save us all, is what, and the longer you complain about it, the less chance we have.”

“I gave you a direct order, and I’m ordering all the rest of you to dig in and stay put. They know where we are and we’ll get rescued soon.”

“Sir, this is the last time I’m going to be civil to you or to anyone else, you understand? According to the pilot, we’re supposed to wait around for a whole day before we leave; at least that’s what he said just after we took off.  That would be the day after tomorrow. The pilot bought the farm as soon as the wheels touched down; the radio is out and the plane’s all shot-up, so nobody will be looking for us for another 48 hours, maybe longer. If we stay here we won’t make it, okay?”

“We stay together.”

“And die together. Look, I didn’t come all this way to get myself killed because someone got wounded and can’t see the obvious truth: we stay here we’re dead.

“It’ll be dark in less than an hour. I want every one of you to keep an eye out for the sentries they’ll post. Come dark we’re pulling out, crawling on our bellies without a sound, kill those sentries and then surround and attack the main camp. Not a sound: knives. Everyone is coming along: we just can’t afford to leave anyone behind.”

Our backs were against the wall when we crawled out that night, armed with a determination that was born out of the desperation to survive.

Our next president better have that same determination to save our country as much as that 20 year old sailor did on some long forgotten hill somewhere in Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia. He never did learn where he saved the day, out of the eyes of the powers that be and out of the spotlight of history.

No books or songs were written of that night, or a movie made. Everyone, young Americans all, caught in an impossible situation, made it out, and the only ones who were killed or wounded were the ones shot up when that plane landed back in time in 1965.

Everyone was a hero that night. The driving force was not to be the one who got everyone killed, and in honoring the memory of Audie Murphy, who took the exact same Oath to the exact same Constitution, as was clearly pointed out by that young leader to get everyone gung-ho and on the same page. And if we can’t find a person with a love for the country that supersedes any ego trip, we better try a little bit harder, dig a little bit deeper.

It’s gone way beyond any Democratic or Republican Party: it’s about the survival of a country.]

Semper Fi


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