September 7, 2015

Dear Editor:

I am responding to the article subtitled “HALF THE COUNTRY MUST WANT IT.”  Before I do that, let me share a quote by Edmund (1729-1797):  “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

In the noted article it states 295,000 signers of an impeachment petition and more than 600,000 emails and letters were sent to House Members.  With this letter I am sending a copy of the recommended letter that I sent to my House Representative.

Also in the article I noted that Rep. Louis Gohmert said “Until half of the country wants to see it,…no use in bringing it up, nothing will happen…”

However, in the past years I have noted some Congressmen have made statements for Obama’s impeachment.

I am also sending this letter to ask readers and supporters to get involved and to support The North American Law Center to send their Cover Letter and Articles I, II, and III to their U.S. House Representative requesting impeachment of Mr. Obama.

To obtain the NALC mailing packet go to: and click on “Call To Action” Packet to obtain the Cover Letter and the (3) Articles to mail to their U.S. House of Representative Members.

To find your House Representative’s mailing address go to:  Next, click the REPRESENTATIVE button.  Here you can find your representative either by the State and District or Last Name button.  Here, too, are the representatives’ phone numbers.

Here you’ll find the district and Washington, D.C. offices.  My representative, Glenn Thompson, recommends that correspondence be sent to his local state office.  He has stated the processing of mail at D.C. will delay delivery of the mail.  Therefore, consider sending your packet to the local state office.

In sending your packet, take time to first view the website.  NALC has recommended do’s and don’ts in mailing the packet.  Mainly, send the packet “only” to your House Representative “as is” (cover letter and Articles I, II, and III).  They request not to send anything else.  I sent my packet by Priority Mail and CERTIFIED MAIL RECEIPT.  After sending your packet, NALC requests that you contact them of your mailing.

To me, the 295,000 signers on the NALC website is an impressive number; here, too, viewers may add their endorsement to the petition.  Likewise, the 600,000 claimed emails and letters claimed to have been sent to House Members by Stop This Insanity, Inc. noted in the article “is off the chart.”

However wonderful the prior contacts were, I am asking readers who have not contacted their House Representatives to support impeachment of Obama.  NALC has done the work in giving us the Impeachment Packet.  All we have to do is download it, sign it, and mail it.  They did the hard work; we have the easy task.

In addition, I have started to contact others I know to mail in the packets.  Indeed, the prior numbers are impressive, but we all should consider supporting this effort.  To me, this is an effort that requires All Hands On Deck to Saturate our Congressmen to take action.  In the end, it is a numbers game.  Therefore, we need good people to take action to defeat this evil.

Taking action is the only way we will get results.


Jeffrey Harrison

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