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by OPOVV, ©2015

Wikipedia entry on ISIS’s destruction of ancient sites such as Nimrud, Iraq

(Aug. 25, 2015) — Once upon a time, in a land closer than you think, there lived a people who suffered immediately from the consequences of bad decisions. The people loved it; the politicians hated it. The honest working man was content, the government employee jealous that he couldn’t get away with the theft of the people’s time and money. All in all, it was a satisfied condition known as the “Status Quo.”

Then one day a dark cloud came over the land: a payoff was offered and accepted. A vote was asked for and a vote was given. The project was over-bid, cost overruns accepted, completion delays expected, and servicing contracts awarded to the original contractor via a closed bid, with no questions asked.  Questions pertaining to the “legality” of such shenanigans were immediately foiled by public humiliation (“un-American”) or hints of an audit by the IRS. In short, a government contract became known as a license to print money.

On land where Christians have lived in peace for over 1,600 years, today there are none. In desert sands stood churches over a thousand years old now replaced by ruined cities many thousands of years old; stone artifacts of civilizations long ago destroyed completely, gone forever, never to be duplicated or replaced. Death is indeed forever. And all of this since Obama and his henchmen, including four years of Hillary Clinton as our Secretary of State, took over our government on January 20, 2009.

The catalyst for such wanton and insane destruction can only be attributed to one man, but thousands of our fellow Americans must share the blame. Who in Congress has stood up before the people and demanded to see proof of whether Obama was even a U.S. citizen; even a legal immigrant; and was, therefore, eligible to hold the office of president? The same goes for any judge throughout the whole United States. Any judge, in any voting district, has the power to demand that any candidate on the ballot be vetted to the court’s satisfaction and that any person whose name is on the ballot is qualified to hold the public office which he seeks.

To state the presidential election of 2008 was a fraud would be an understatement of violating election laws. Actually, anyone who falsified election results could very well be charged with Treason.  Since we’re at war with Islam (certainly Islam is at war with Western Civilization), it would be the Court’s prerogative to assign the ultimate penalty.

Your Job or Your Head

The economy seems to be America’s No. 1 preoccupation, but allow me to suggest that, without your head, the best job and the most money in the world are completely worthless. Today over 1,000 Muslims arrived in America and each was sent on to his predetermined destination.

We humans live by facts. We accept facts in order to be safe in our daily lives. We stop at red lights (well, most of us do); we don’t drink and drive (again, most of us do not); and we are careful not to walk in front of a bus or a train. So why are we importing thousands of people who want to kill us? If they don’t kill us today, certainly, at sometime down the road, they will kill us, and it won’t take them 1,600 years to do it. The people we’re importing are the same people who beheaded Christians in the Middle East yesterday.

The question is, is there anyone out there who has, not only the brains to see into the future, but the moxie to avoid a catastrophic end to America? Does Mr. Trump have what it takes to save our country from a sure and utter destruction? Our country can end quickly, just as those peoples and churches did in the Middle East: expediently wiped off the face of the earth, for surely that will be our fate if we don’t wise up to the real and present danger among us.

You see, it’s not “IF we allow Muslims in our country, maybe they won’t kill us;” it’s “We’ve allowed them in, so it’s just a matter of time WHEN they’ll go on their savage rampage and kill us all.”

Think about it: a job or your head: which does it have to be? Where are your priorities for yourself, your family and your country?

[Look, this isn’t rocket science, it’s cut-and-dried. It is impossible for Islam to coincide, to live peacefully, with people who are not Muslim. A fact over a thousand years old. Accept it: they have.]

Semper Fi


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