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by New York State Grassroots Groups
Greene County, NY

(Aug. 24, 2015) — The media and the public is invited and encouraged to witness this news event first-hand:

Wednesday August 26th 1:00 p.m.
276 Washington St Binghamton, NY
276 Washington St., Binghamton was chosen for this news conference to demonstrate the decay that continues because of New York’s incompetent government programs. Taxed and regulated to death is what is causing people to flee and walk away from property, leaving them to decay. By redrawing a simple border line that changes the land from NY to PA creates opportunity – thus the decay becomes job creation and a new productive land of more Freedom and Liberty.


The First People’s Rally for Seceding from New York
Sunday, August 30 1 PM to 3 PM
Gen. Clinton Canoe Regatta grounds on State Rt. 7 Bainbridge, NY 13733
It is a real possibility. Not all of upstate, just parts – to start.
FREE  Admission : Join US to hear the possibilities:
New York is the highest taxes and most over-regulated state in America. The entrenched political powers will not improve our lives. A simple redrawing of a border lines between NY and PA will lower taxes and provide more freedom and liberty for everyone.
Hear the possibilities. / Discuss the Strategies. / Plan and organize.
Secession from NY to Pa. Some of many benefits:
·         *On a $40,000 income over $7,000 MORE in your pocket.
·         *Personal State Income Tax = 35% less
·         *Property Tax (overall) = 20% less
·         *Sales tax (Overall) = 55% less
·         *$2m small business Expense savings = $162,000
·         *Cost of living 20% less
 (Figures approximated)
·         More personal property rights
·         Less property regulation
·         No Tax-free zones
·         Less special interest grants and tax breaks
·         Less welfare programs
·         Less section 8 housing
·         Less social engineering
·         Less local government mandates
* It is absolutely beneficial for hard-working responsible people to reside in Pa. over residing in NY. Exact benefits require more research and calculation.

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