The Post & Email Thanks You For Your Patience


by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 14, 2015) — Several weeks ago, The Post & Email announced that enough money had been raised by contributions from readers to convert the site to an open-access format while maintaining the same level of security it has enjoyed for the last three and one-half years on its current hosting plan.

We can now report that the migration of the website and its relaunch absent the paywall could occur within approximately two weeks.

The Post & Email will provide notice as to the exact time of the migration, as publishing will necessarily cease during that process to avoid any data loss.

In the meantime, we thank you again for your generous support not only during the recent fundraiser, but also over the last three and a half years when we had no option except to take subscriptions to remain online.

Readers are strongly encouraged to use the next two weeks to check their selected subscription option and cancel any “recurring payments” through their Paypal accounts so that on the date of what would have been their next renewal, no money will be drafted and sent to The Post & Email.

We look forward to our work becoming available to a wider audience, as we publish material which the mainstream media will not.


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