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(Aug. 13, 2015) — Let’s see if I’ve got this right: the “American” settlers wiping out whole Indian Nations was culturally acceptable, and then, a little later but at the same time, Yankee white boys killing Southerners (and visa-versa) was, if not okay, at least “tolerated” for a “greater cause,” thus willfully decimating the gene pool of the young nation. Now if that’s not enough to make you scratch your head, nothing will.

The fact of the matter was that slavery was on its way out. Successful plantations, just as today’s successful businesses, realized that it was the labor force that was the key to the bottom line, and the more stable and reliable the labor force was, the more likelihood that profits could be maximized.

Many a Southern plantation not only survived the Civil War but prospered afterwards, which was one of the many themes of Margaret Mitchell’s book, “Gone with the Wind.” Even though it wasn’t explicitly stated, Scarlett O’Hara eventually make Tara a successful enterprise. Whether Rhett ever made it back to her, I’d like to believe he did, even if it took till his “senior years.”

Many, certainly the overwhelming majority, of the American Indians cheered the Union Army’s successes more than any Southern victory. The treaties the American Indian peoples made with Washington were based on the tradition that a person is only “as good as his word.” The American Indian brought to the table his word, and the Federal Government brought to the table the Constitution. It was the interrupting of the Constitution which got us into the Civil War and, truth be told, the war has never ended.

The federal government relentlessly pushes the States to accept its doctrines, whatever they may be. They extend from river navigation rules and regulations to Common Core, the Feds forcing schools throughout the country to use the exact same educational materials as everyone else in order to push a particular agenda down the throats of everyone outside the beltway. If the nation’s textbooks describe Islam as one of the “Great Religions,” then the students will most likely accept the lie, never questioning that Islam is a totalitarian political philosophy enforced by draconian rules: a person’s life, from birth until death, belongs to the State (Islam): no exceptions, no escape. To leave Islam, for instance, to become a Christian, is a sentence of death, as clearly and unequivocally stated in the Quran.

America has been a very successful “melting pot” of the world’s varied peoples and beliefs, credit to Christian-Judaeo principles. All of the world’s populations thrive on the limitless opportunity America affords an individual, except a small percentage of our African-American population.

For some childish, inexplicable reason, some Americans embrace Socialism/Communism as being the panacea to correct all of the world’s ills, notwithstanding that the “Socialism Experiment” has been tried for thousands of years and has most utterly and drastically failed each time. The perpetrators of any Socialistic movement are not the workers but the overseers, the ones who receive the benefits but none of the ills of the system. An example would be the different medical and retirement package that Congress has, compared to the rest of America.

Since Obama and his gang of thieves have taken over the Executive branch, any excuse for Martial Law (in order to suspend the Bill of Rights) has been breached. From the attempt to swear an Oath to the president instead of the Constitution; to changing the UCMJ; to “Fast and Furious;” to borrowing money from China, commonly referred to as “Stimulus;” to paying bribes and kickbacks; to deliberately sabotaging any gains in race relations in order to use “civil discord” (riots) as the manufactured reason for Martial Law, this Administration has been frantically working nonstop to destroy the USA.

The most surprising and speechless example of out-of-control ignorance is that of many Americans who accept the “Democratic Party” as yesterday’s “JFK’s” Party rather than today’s Hitler’s National Socialism (Nazi). Even when the facts are shown, laid out end-to-end, Americans refuse to accept the facts, as in the example of the phrase, “You’re not a ‘Birther,’ are you?” You know the Obama spin machine worked overtime to come up with the word “birther.”

Some of us have never learned the Golden Rule. They steal and run in gangs because they’re not able to succeed by themselves, but rather must cling to childish and immature “mob mentality,” thereby giving themselves greater status in being associated with something bigger than themselves. It’s like being a member of the Nazis’ SS: the cause was flawed from its inception; it was built on a false premise: if the hypothesis is false then whatever conclusion it reaches must also be false. Supporting Obama’s agenda is the exact opposite of being a Patriotic defender of the United States Constitution.

Pushing the division that “Black Lives Matter” is pushing in the direction of the ignorant “Nation of Islam,” propaganda nonsense that laughingly blames everyone else for their own shortcomings and laziness. It’s easy to speak Ebonics in order to hide one’s speech and educational deficiency. I worked with a gentleman for a number of years who had his sights on the top management position, but he kept on getting passed over because of his Ebonics. I asked him about it one day and he replied, “It’s who I is.”

The fact is that all lives matter: nobody has the upper hand. It’s really ironic, but the people who disrespect the police the most are the very ones who break the laws the most. Go figure. And then all we hear is them whine about how they’re the highest percentage of our prison inmates.  They do most of the crime, so it makes sense.

There’s an Indian Reservation in Minnesota that doesn’t have any tribal police. I asked the Elder (Chief) what the secret was, and he replied that he didn’t want some of the members not being equal to the other members, and that was why they didn’t have any tribal cops. And then he said that nobody liked the White Man’s police so they never called them. When one of the men got drunk, the neighbors would come get him and lock him in one of the rooms in the lodge, and he showed me. It turned out to be one of the tribe’s motel rooms, a cottage set far back from the others. Big-screen TV and movie collection, bath, full kitchen, three bedrooms. He said some Indians just show up and get drunk, sometimes a bunch of them. The wives drop them off, and then a couple of hours later the wives bring more bottles of whiskey and then come morning, bring them home. Works for everyone. No police involved.

“Black Lives Matter” is just another cheap trick by this Administration to create unrest and violence for the sole purpose of spreading discord throughout the country. The spin machine; the disinformation palace; the “lie-to-your-face” (I showed my BIRTH CERTIFICATE) is searching for the right button to push to get tanks — our tanks — patrolling our streets. The object: destroy and eliminate the Second Amendment, for without our guns, we’re helpless.

“Black Lives Matter”: but a footnote; drop in the bucket; triteness.

Semper Fi





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