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[Editor’s Note:  The following email was conveyed to us by a reader of The Post & Email acquainted with the 88-year-old World War II veteran who wrote it.

Does the media bear a bias against 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump because he refuses to be politically-correct?

From: A Trump Supporter
Date: Sat, Aug 8, 2015 at 12:22 PM
Subject: Mistreatment of Trump
To: newsmanager@foxnews.com
Cc: contact@redstate.com, veterans@donaldtrump.com

I am a WWII vet from the Pacific Theater in the  226 Infantry Division, with a Purple Heart in battle in the Philippines.

I am a Trump supporter.

After watching the debate it seemed that Fox News ganged up against Trump.

The reason there were 24 Million viewers was not because of Fox News but because of Mr. Trump.

This mistreatment of Trump is continuing in Georgia.

Is Fox like the other news outlets which seem to  already have a candidate they are supporting?

As a veteran who fought for my country, let me express to you that what Fox and Red State are doing is NOT in keeping with the democracy which is America.


Redacted (former sergeant WWII)

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  1. Still fighting for his country. Please thank him for your readers, Sharon. Trump is bringing out the best in the USA and even from those of the Greatest Generation still among us. God BLESS OUR NATIVE LAND!