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(Aug. 3, 2015) — The conviction of Tom Libous has caused a special NY Senate election to be held this November.

Unlike a democratic election where the general public voters choose who will get on the ballot to run for office by signing a candidate’s nominating ballot; for this “special” election the only way for a candidate to get on the ballot for the major political parties is to be chosen by an elite “executive committee.” The proper procedure for an election of this circumstance is that the full slate of committeemen vote on the candidates, but the intent of the democratic procedure has been subverted and corrupted to narrow the choosing down to a few elite “insiders.” This has become an accepted practice.
Denver Jones was the first candidate to declare his intentions and the first to request an interview by the executive committee. He announced and issued his full platform and intentions to the executive committee and to the full public to encourage full transparency. He contacted all the committee chairs of the four counties and followed all the proper procedures to be interviewed for the nomination. While he was promised an interview, it was never granted.
Of course, in order to maintain their grip on power, the Republican Party’s executive committee shut out and restricted many candidates and secretly nominated one of their own – an insider that is one of their own sitting members of their executive committee.
On the Democrat side, there wasn’t even an illusion of a fair choosing of their candidate; Andrew Cuomo simply anointed his own choice and completely subverted the entire democratic process.
In 2014, Denver opposed Libous in the Republican primary. Corruption was the basis of his decision to run. That same corrupt power cabal mounted an unprecedented illegal challenge to the Jones candidacy that resulted in a Jones victory but left just two weeks to campaign. Although Denver lost to the power broker Libous, he received three times as many votes as the political experts predicted – a more than respectable showing. Denver remains dedicated to opposing the massive corruption of OUR local, county and state’s government – the corruption of both major parties.
Denver Jones’s Options:
  • Denver Jones has begun petitioning for an independent nominating ballot and has chosen to name his independent bid “The TaxPayers Party Line.” He will need 6,000 signatures to secure his position on the ballot. Any registered voter can sign. This is a daunting task, and he has less than two weeks to complete and file.
  • Denver can accept the nomination from the newly-formed Reform Party and/or the Conservative Party. Denver has requested those nominations from the respective party leaderships.
Denver States, “I have been encouraged to keep running by a great number of patriotic people from all walks of life including republicans, democrats and independents. I will keep all options open at this time. I will soon weigh the evidence and do as the people wish. I have stated that I am acting on behalf of the people – all the people, not just one party or the other. I will do my best to make the proper decision based on what I feel is ‘The voice of the people.’ Right now, I will temporarily resign from the Republican Party and continue petitioning for the TaxPayers Line while we gather the information required to make a final decision. We are hopeful that the proper decision will surface in a few days. I thank the thousands of good people who support me and I pledge to do my best on their behalf – hang in there, folks.”

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