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by Sharon Rondeau

LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), June 2, 1975, receiving Letter of Commendation from Adm. William P. Mack

(Jul. 31, 2015) — On July 1, 2015, The Post & Email received three successive emails from “Obots” Frank Arduini, “RC,” and JJ O’Shaugnessy informing us that our claim that 1975 U.S. Naval Academy graduate Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) graduated third in his class was inaccurate.

The emails from the trio read as follows:

From JJ O’Shaugnessy:


I am writing to point out some errors in your coverage of the Walter Fitzpatrick saga.

Firstly, you have repeatedly said that he graduated with distinction in his class. This appears to be not true.

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III graduated 800th in a class of 815. His cumulative GPA was 2.15 out of a possible 4.0.

He did not graduate with his class, but was held back academically. Walt graduated on 30 July 1975, while the USNA Class of 1975 as a whole graduated on 4 June 1975.

His major was “American Political and Military Systems.” Not “naval Science” as he himself said.

The online Register can be found here: http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015081726377;page=root;view=image;size=150;seq=5

The beginning of the drill roll (i.e. the top of the class) can be found here: http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015081726377;page=root;view=image;size=150;seq=19

Walt’s entry can be found here: http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015081726377;page=root;view=image;size=150;seq=36

The list of available academic majors can be found here: http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015081726377;page=root;view=image;size=150;seq=15;orient=1

ETA: The code for his “failure to meet academic requirements” (i.e. the “13” in the “L-13” Symbol) can be found here: http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015081726377;page=root;view=image;size=150;seq=14;orient=3

In addition, he claims to had achieved the rank of Commander, but in fact his retirement rank was Lieutenant Commander, a step below commander rank.

So, it seems that Fitzpatrick has been exagerating his military achievements to you. As an ethical and responsible journalist, I am sure you will check these out and will inform your readership of this as soon as possible.

Best Regards

JJ O’Shaughnessy


From “RC”:

Ms Rondeau

I am contacting you as a reporter on behalf of my radio program Reality Check Radio You have previously claimed in an article at your blog that Lt. Commander Fitzpatrick graduated ranked third in his class at the US Naval Academy in 1975. For example the claim was made in this article from the P&E republished at Field McConnell’s Abel Danger blog last July.

Fitzpatrick is a decorated, honorably-discharged 24-year Navy veteran who earned numerous commendations and graduated third in his class at Annapolis in 1975.


I was wondering if you could provide documentation for this claim?

Contradictory documentation has come to my attention that Mr. Fitzpatrick did not graduate third in his class. Indeed he did not even graduate with most of his class. He graduated over a month late ranked 800 out of a class of 815 with a GPA of 2.15/4.0


If you have documentation to contradict this I would be happy to air the full story on my radio program and blog. I would invite you to come on my show and support your claim that Fitzpatrick graduated with that high ranking.

I look forward to hearing from you. I only want to get the truth out there.





From Frank Arduini:

Dear Ms. Rondeau:

It has been many months since last we corresponded, and I hope this finds you well.

Your recent series of articles concerning the experiences of Walter Fitzpatrick has been of great interest to me, since as I am myself a service academy graduate (USMA ’78) I am understandably sensitive to such subjects. But from that same perspective, no small amount of what you have written also strikes a level of dissonance unlikely to be noticed by those who have not had the service academy experience. Much of what you have written about Fitzpatrick over the last several years simply did not feel credible. But as feelings are purely subjective, I largely ignored them until today.

My prior concern was spurred to actual action by your article titled, “Fitzpatrick Files Criminal Complaint Against Prison Employees Who Physically Threatened Him,” published yesterday, 30 June 2015. In that article you published a transcription of his “grievance” wherein his signature block reads:

“Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III
Commander, U.S. Navy Retired
Distinguished Military Graduate
U.S. Naval Academy, class of 1975
B.S. Naval Science
M.B.A./Technology Management”

Now, it has been a habit of yours in past articles to falsely (I would hope inadvertently) promote him to the rank of Commander which, of course, he never held. And this might be forgivable since in casual conversation, referring to a Lieutenant Commander as “Commander” is accepted shorthand. But for an officer to personally sign a formal document with a rank he does not hold and has never held is actually a rather spectacular violation of military regulation.

This signature block was problematic in other areas as well. I have queried several USNA graduates of Fitzpatrick’s and my generation, and none admit to have ever heard of either “Distinguished Military Graduate” or a USNA major of “Naval Science.” Additionally, I seemed to recall you had in other places made assertions regarding his very high class standing, and was quickly able to retrieve your article from 31 July 2014 titled, “Retired Lt. Colonel To File Lawsuit Against Obama if Verdicts Not Vacated Against Fitzpatrick” in which you asserted that “Fitzpatrick is a decorated, honorably-discharged 24-year Navy veteran who earned numerous commendations and graduated third in his class at Annapolis in 1975.”

After only a few minutes of searching, I was able to find online a copy of the “Annual Register of the United States Naval Academy” for LTCDR Fitzpatrick’s class. You can find this document online here:http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015081726377;page=root;view=image;size=150;seq=5

Please take your time reviewing the document, as you will discover the following details. First, Walter Fitzpatrick did not graduate with his class because he had not met the necessary academic standards for graduation. The USNA Class of 1975 was graduated on 4 June 1975, but Fitzpatrick was held back for two months of remedial classwork, finally graduating on 30 July. His class consisted of 815 people, of which 811 actually graduated. And far from graduating “third in his class at Annapolis,” Fitzpatrick’s “Order of Merit” was 800. This is not 3rd from the top, it is 15thfrom the bottom. His cumulative GPA stood at 2.15 out of 4.0.Furthermore, his major was actually “American Political and Military Systems.” There was no major in “Naval Science.” As to his claims of being a “Distinguished Military Graduate,” I have proved unable to show that such a distinction has ever existed at USNA.

As you are a journalist, I know how important it is for you to correct such egregious errors of fact in your personal reporting. I would suggest you have a good talk with your researchers and/or fact checkers.

Warmest regards,

Frank Arduini
USMA ‘78

Before we were able to perform the necessary research to determine whether or not our reportage was inaccurate, we received the following second email from RC the same evening at 10:13 p.m. EDT:


You are so predictable. So what does a fake journalist do when caught in a huge lie? Why attempt to hide the evidence. It won’t work Sharon. You have been nailed in a lie. It is too late to undo it.

By the way. Did the government check arrive on time this month?


Since this writer receives no “government check,” RC must have been referring to someone else’s benefits.

At 10:30 p.m. EDT, a second email from Arduini was also received:

To: Sharon Rondeau (editor@thepostemail.com)

Dear Ms. Rondeau:

It has come to my attention that the archive which hosts the digital version of Walter Fitzpatrick’s Class Register has now been blocked for “privacy concerns.” It would appear that someone is trying to cover up the fact that false information has been widely spread online concerning his class rank, his major, and the circumstances of his failure to graduate with his class as the result of academic sufficiency.

Certain as I am that you are already preparing your own public correction of the errors in your previous reporting, I would hate for you to be unable to access the document now that a cover-up is underway. Find attached, therefore, screen captures of four of the relevant pages from the now concealed document.

They include:

The statistics for Fitzpatrick’s class that show the total class size to have been 815 midshipmen.

The “Major Code Symbols” proving that there was no such major as “Naval Science.”

The first page of the “Order of Merit” drill role proving that Fitzpatrick did not graduate third in his class, Francis Xavier Hartmann J. did.

The page with Fitzpatrick’s actual entry proving he graduated 800th in his class, two months late, with a cumulative GPA of 2.15 out of 4.0, and with a major that reflects in the “Major Code Symbols” as “American Political and Military Systems.”

These screen captures will also be published online at The Fogbow and other social media outlets.

I am always here to help.

Frank Arduini
USMA ’78


The email contained the following attachments:

When The Post & Email clicked the links provided by the Obots, we received only error messages and were unable to access the information.  We asked two Navy veterans if they were able to access the applicable USNA database but did not receive a response from either one.

As Arduini, RC and O’Shaughnessy correctly stated, the responsibility of a journalist is to obtain both or multiple sides of a story to ascertain and report the truth.  Because Fitzpatrick is currently in prison, The Post & Email could not immediately obtain a response from Fitzpatrick.

On July 5, The Post & Email wrote a letter to Fitzpatrick, including copies of the emails and attachments sent by Arduini, RC and O’Shaughnessy to ask if their claims were accurate.

On July 31, the first letter from Fitzpatrick in several weeks arrived, dated July 15, in which Fitzpatrick wrote:

The Post & Email also furnished the screenshots provided by Arduini to a trusted military source, who affirmed their accuracy in regard to Fitzpatrick’s academic rank and graduation date.

The “LOC,” or “Letter of Commendation,” to which Fitzpatrick referred in his letter can be read here:

WFF NavalAcademyCommendation

The letter recognized Fitzpatrick as having strong “leadership” skills which Fitzpatrick stated ranked him third in the category.  The letter indicates that he was selected as one of 28 graduates exhibiting that quality.

A photo of Adm. William P. Mack handing Fitzpatrick the Letter of Commendation can be viewed here:

WFF Adm. Mack handing LOC to Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III – Midshipman

Therefore, when The Post & Email reported that Fitzpatrick graduated “third in his class,” it should have stated, “third in his class for leadership.”  In checking some of the recordings we possess of interviews with Fitzpatrick, we note that he said, “I graduated third in my class for leadership,” and The Post & Email erroneously later conflated the two terms.

In his July 15 letter, which appeared to have been written hurriedly, Fitzpatrick did not address the subject of available “majors” at the time of his attendance at the U.S. Naval Academy.

We asked a former U.S. Marine heavily involved in veterans’ issues as to whether or not a lieutenant commander referring to himself or another of the same rank as “commander” is inappropriate, to which he responded, “It’s no big deal.”

We thank Arduini and O’Shaughnessy for bringing our error, which was inadvertent, to our attention with civility.  We do not know the source of RC’s claim that we attempted to “hide the evidence,” as we were never able to access it.

Perhaps RC would be willing to clarify to which “government check” he was referring in his second email.

Now that Fitzpatrick’s academic records have been made fully public, The Post & Email asks:  Where are Obama’s?

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  1. Another DNC Operative attack on Sharon by DNC Veteran/Non-Veteran cowards. While in the Military I realized there was always an undercurrent of something that was hard to detect. It was Democrat Republican mentality. There was always a quiet division that caused discontent in different ways and it caused various affects on re-enlistment numbers. All the Democrats I could recognize by their antics were always trouble makers and always tried to get their way at all costs-good or bad. We see these coward types Veteran/Non-Veteran attacking Sharon for trying to protect and expose DNC attempts to protect their installed dual citizen illegal POTUS to the end. Walt is also being attacked and was back then because he went from an enlisted rank to an officer rank and that is usually held against you in various ways. The elite rich kid ranks yield various types of personalities-some good leaders-some not so good. Being able to follow regulations and encourage team work at the same time is a talent that not all members have. The selfish me/mine crowd or the real leaders are the ones that stand out. Whether enlisted or officer, the leaders stand out and are liked by their men/woman fellow veterans. There is always jealously with many members and I think that “Admiral” one star John Bitoff attempted to create a situation for Walt because Walt was liked by his men and Bitoff didn’t have that ability. What Bitoff did was criminal and an cowardly act against another Veteran. We are seeing DNC cowards attacking Sharon, whether these people are “Veterans” or not means nothing as they are Democrats against the system and only making it work for themselves and their pockets. They are the lowest of men and the greatest of cowards. The DNC and their Operatives have worked fiendishly to get and keep Walt and 5 other Veteran Patriot Hero’s in illegal arrest/imprisonment to keep their mouths shut and protect the criminal installation of a dual citizen POTUS by Biden and Pelosi. Hillary has much blood on her hands along with her promiscuous husband and murderer Cigar Bill. These people have and are nothing with no character or morals and could never be leaders of anything other than a cabal of thieves and liars of Biblical story. Their day is coming and what they have done to the U.S. and it’s Military is more than criminal. Admiral Mullen is also guilty of sabotaging our Military as he waltzed out into retirement. The men writing these stories are pea brained cowards and insignificant as humans or writers and are not qualified to discuss Walt’s battle for fighting for his oath to protect the Constitution. All the Democrat morons understand is genitalia and anything above the belt is hard to understand. That is what we are dealing with in Democratic academics. They can never be leaders because they love themselves too much. Another Biblical story unfolds. As Satan comes to “Steal/Kill/Destroy” they all follow their leader but the real leader is following them all and God will deal with them. They will all be happy in Sodom for a short time.

  2. I see RC has personally attacked you again. Unlike the other two people who wrote you using their real names to get the record corrected, RC aka Reality Check won’t use his real name. What is he afraid of that he won’t reveal/confirm his real name after all these years? I guess that is RC’s m.o. Hide his real name and life record all the while throwing rocks at others. RC always seems to quickly stoop to personal ad-hominem attacks on you and other people all the while hiding like a coward behind an anonymous veil. You have set the record strait when you make an error. And you have done so again with this article. RC aka Reality Check will not do that and continues his gutter disinformation and misinformation personal attacks on you while hiding his real ID. What a coward he is.

  3. Dear JJ O’Shaughnessy;
    If I’m ever in the need of one sophomoric writer for my next Broadway play, I’ll look you up.
    Equating grades with knowledge (or with anything else, like honor and integrity) except being able to score high on a particular test on a given day is a grave mistake that’s gotten many people killed.
    There was this one West Point graduate who took-over a company (Vietnam, ’65) “in his image” and ordered that the company, to get to ‘Point ‘A’, walk down the road, only problem was the men didn’t cotton to needlessly exposing themselves to possible enemy fire, so the men refused. And I hear-tell that the Captain scored at the top of his class.
    Look at me, as a good example of what I’m trying to convey. I barely graduated from high school. Out of a class of 400, I think I was 398, yet in college I made, not only the Dean’s list, but the President’s List (that’s making the Dean’s list for 4 consecutive full-time quarters) as well.
    And when I was in the military I wore many hats, and one of the hats I wore I tested the firing circuits of nuclear warheads.
    So here’s the point, and think about this: if you were under my command, what would the men and I think of you. Would you make it back from patrol, or would you possibly end-up “Missing in Action”?
    “Well Sir, as far as I can recall, he was right there and then the next minute he was gone. Gee, I don’t know what happened to him. Ask anyone in the squad and that’s what they’ll tell you.”
    “Dear Mrs. O’Shaughnessy,
    By now you’ve received word of your son missing in action. I was his Commanding Officer at the time and I must say that we tried our best to locate your son. Of all the men who served under me, I could always rely on ‘JJ’ (as we affectionately called him) to protect my ‘6’.
    I, and the rest of the company, will surely miss him.
    All I know was that I was proud to have served with your son.
    With Heartfelt Sorrow,
    See what I mean? If you’re going around acting like an Obot, you just gotta pay the price.
    In your make-believe world, Obama is your president.
    In the real world, Obama is nothing more than a de facto president who, if there’s ANY justice in the world, will be spending the rest of his sorry worthless life in a cage down in Gitmo.

  4. The Obots who contacted you are PATHETIC! They express so much concern about trivia, but don’t care a lick about our country being taken over by a foreign-born person with only forged papers presented to the public.

  5. It is a very surprising “conspiracy” that Fitzpatrick would have embedded in the Naval Administration those interested in ” hiding” what he humbly admits regarding individuals at work scrabbling to withhold the investigation causing RC to have to grab ” Screen Shots”.

    That really seems like either Fitzpatrick has friends in high places or … RC was actually revealing something that is more classified than public, or really is employed with a security clearance he is exploiting for the purpose of what?

    Correcting The Post & Email on a trivial matter?

    It was very interesting to learn of the Leadership AWARD Ret. Lt. Com. Fitzpatrick garnered, distinguishing him in such a way that may reflect as a positive note to his current condition of standing up for what was right rather than what was corrupt.

    The other interesting thing I found about this correction article is that the Biblical verse might of seeing the sliver in someone’s eye and not seeing the beam in your eye might be appropriate.

    I cannot for the life of me understand why any former or current serving military person would advocate for a non-natural born Citizen to usurp the Office of the President?

    How could someone do that in good conscience after swearing an oath under the military order? It seems the detail work of RC and JJ put to the same effort they did on Fitzpatrick with Obama would actually serve the Country much more than this here did?

    Kindest Regards to the Post&Emails outstanding integrity.