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by New York State Grassroots Groups

New York’s 52nd Senate District is holding a special election in November in which former challenger for the seat Denver Jones will run following the removal from office of Tom Libous


For further information and interviews Contact Denver Jones  denver@bsuinc.com

Denver Jones will make a bid in the special election that will take place this November to fill the now-vacant 52nd district NY senate seat.

Tom Libous has been removed from office due to his felony conviction. Denver Jones is convinced he is the right man for the job. Jones states, “It is certain that the people of Broome, Chenango, Delaware and Tioga counties will not have to worry about corruption with me in office. I am an outsider and businessman that has felt the results of bad governance for a long time. I will do my duty within the bounds of the law and fight to return New York to greatness.”

Last year Denver made his first endeavor into politics with a bid to defeat Libous for NY Senate. Denver said, “We knew it was an uphill battle. The longtime incumbent held all the cards; He had a huge war chest and the biggest power base in the state. We had limited funding, no political recognition and a very short time to get our message out to the voters. But with all the cards stacked against us we made a very respectable showing. This time we are more prepared and have 10s of thousands of people on our side. We will win this time”.

Jones’ bid for Libous’ seat is based on research identifying the issues. He finds that his own concerns along with the alarming corruption coming from Albany parallels that of the people in the district. “Our message continues to resonate with the people. We just didn’t have enough time to reach all the voters last time,” states Jones.

The special election is different from a normal election. There is no petitioning or a primary. The parties nominate the candidates directly. Jones intends to seek the nomination of several political parties. Jones claims, “I have broad support across the total spectrum of voters. My message appeals to all. I am the logical choice of many political parties – that is, if they want to win this extremely important senate seat”.

Stay tuned; this is sure to be a vigorous and hotly contested “special election”.

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