by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2015

(Jul. 15, 2015) — I don’t know anyone who has lived any kind of life that hasn’t faced big boulders from hell dropped in their path.  You know the drill…you are trucking along, and boom – you are diagnosed with diabetes or cancer out of the blue; you thought your husband loved you but he left with another woman – he emptied your savings before he took the car; you worked faithfully at the firm for over 10 years (one of the few in your small town), then one late afternoon you got a cold letter saying your job is over   – “Business has been hard and this is just the way it is.  Thank you for all your work — goodbye.”

America has been also facing endless storms of Obama boulders dropping all over.  We have seen regulation and tax boulders; UN-Constitutional and law breaking executive order boulders; deals with dictator boulders and plans to terrorize and control the Internet boulders…on and on.

Where do we go from here and how do Americans survive?  First things first for all you just staring glassy-eyed at the big and scary boulders.  Wake up, slap yourself and shake your head.  Many in America have forgotten who they really are and how powerful our voices and prayers really are.   The first stage of real recovery and victory is putting our belief about ourselves back in the view-finder.

Obama and progressives count on the masses feeling smaller and smaller and their voices turned into whispered gossip over coffee and nothing more.  They must have our belief and heart stopped in response to the threatening Obama rocks slammed in our way, or their threats and attacks cease to be affective.

Here is the good news, my friends.  Obama has stupidly forgotten who Americans really are and so have many of us.  We Americans have always had rocks and boulders thrown in our way.  Communists, radical Islamics, fascists and tyrants have always tried to block our path and crush us.

What all these folks and movements with evil agendas never remember, much to their chagrin and failure, is the unique, God-given nature of Americans.  We are starters and finishers.  We are visionaries and talented movers and shakers.  We are warriors and peacemakers who will defend freedom in between making great movies.   We are unique and powerful and not to be messed with by ‘boulders.’

America and Americans never stop when an overwhelming boulder drops in front of them.  We know that God himself made us clear-blue water that rushes forward.  When evil is in our way, we flow around and over the top of the alien boulder and make a beautiful cascading waterfall as we storm past it.

When Americans believe, stand up and act as the flowing water they really are, the world looks on with hope.  They stand on the edge of the powerful American river and see the stunning and fierce rapids, not the boulders hidden beneath the beautiful mists.

This is how we must and will survive.  We must get behind the real believers and conservative visionaries who have the guts to face, cover and go around all the Obama and progressive boulders thrown in our path like a patriotic and focused flood of water.

Attention-seeking boulders must be buried alive under the American response and flood.  Illegal immigration; over-the-top taxation and manipulative regulations; UN-Constitutional executive orders and actions; international funding and deals with Iran and other despots; battering of our healthcare system and controls and attacks to our energy systems…on and on.

America must rise up as a mountain of water – flowing together down the unique path God put in front of us.  Pray, stand and vote right in the 2016 elections. Put your cynical and unbelieving side away.  Unbelief is what kills a country in trouble.  Are you part of the problem or solution?  Turn the water on and get wet with it.

Forget flowing and rolling with it.  That is not enough anymore.   “Obama and progressives — a ticked-off and patriotic tsunami of water is coming at you.”  More and more of us are realizing our power and jumping into the torrent of water.  Let’s get wet, shall we?

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  1. The people I helped elect to Senate don’t listen to me. They send me form letters from their interns THREE months after the fact. The last intern letter I couldn’t even remember how many months previous I emailed the Senator or even what the topic was but at that point I just deleted it without reading.