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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2015

Emperor “Barack Hussein Obama”

(Jul. 15, 2015) — If ever there were a set of circumstances confirming the validity of the worst fears of the Founding Fathers in allowing into the office of the presidency someone who elevated foreign influence and objectives over those of the United States, one need look no farther than the Iran nuclear “deal” recently forged by the regime and its current Neville Chamberlain, John Kerry.

The term “forged” is particularly appropriate, given that Iranians are celebrating in  the streets – much as they did on September 11, 2001 – and chanting “Death to America” while the Emperor at 1600 warns Congress that he will “veto any legislation that prevents the successful implementation of this deal.”   The Emperor thus metamorphoses from a mere garden-variety ingénue tyrant into a constitutionally ineligible proto-dictator.  Rumor would have it that he already has a red phone to North Korea’s Kim Jong un.

The same thing has happened before.  Not so many years ago.  In Germany.

If this sounds like a broken CD, there is a reason for that: it cannot be repeated too frequently that the current occupant of the Oval Office represents precisely the vile species of commander-in-chief that the Founders wanted to forever prohibit from occupying the position.  That is why they set in the Constitution a higher “natural born citizen” standard for the presidency than for any other office.

And yet a majority of useful idiots – also known as “Democrats” – joined by mesmerized Independents, white-guilt-plagued Republicans and probably thousands of illegal aliens, dead people from Chicago and pot-heads from Colorado elected him president.  Twice.

Perhaps Jonathan Gruber – the MIT architect of the laughably and intentionally mislabeled “Affordable Care Act” – is right: the American people are stupid, easily deceived and economically ignorant.

More precisely, in addition to that component of the electorate who voted for the Usurper-in-Chief and now holding the title of this century’s premier useful idiots, the really stupid people were the Democrats in Congress who marched in lock-step with the Emperor and imposed the “ACA” on the country.  Without reading the bill.  Nice.  There is a fine line between “stupidity” and “willful ignorance.”

Recall that the ACA became “law” without a single GOP Senator or Congressman voting for it.  And a special “thank you” to Supreme Court Chief Justice John (“a-word-means-what-I-choose-it-to-mean”) Roberts for “evolving” American jurisprudence from its racist and antiquated past adhering to the “rule of law” into one championing the new and improved “rule of Machiavelli.”

But I digress.  Back to the strip of bathroom tissue that the Emperor and his feckless secretary of state, John Kerry, now wave about as evidence of “peace for our time.”  As noted by your faithful servant here, the similarities between what the Emperor and his “no-training-wheels” bicycle-challenged secretary of state have “achieved” and the 1938 Munich Agreement negotiated by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain with Adolph Hitler, paving the way to World War II… are chilling.

On second thought, it is a bit of a misnomer to label the still secret roll of Iranian bathroom tissue as an “achievement,” which is usually a positive characterization of something… although, granted, bathroom tissue does serve a useful purpose.

When Great Britain’s House of Commons was presented with the Munich Agreement in 1938 by Chamberlain for debate – much like the bathroom tissue here will be presented to Congress for “debate,” not that the Emperor will pay any attention – Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain assured those gathered that the document represented “peace for our time.”

He thanked the members of Parliament for their support and told them: “This is the second time there has come back from Germany to Downing Street peace with honour.  I believe it is peace for our time.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Now I recommend you go home, and sleep quietly in your beds.”

Chamberlain’s soon to-be successor, Winston Churchill, vocally opposed the “deal” with Hitler and told his fellow members of the House of Commons: “England has been offered a choice between war and shame.  She has chosen shame, and will get war.”  Chamberlain was flat wrong; Churchill was absolutely correct.  And the entire world suffered.  Lamentably, that seems to be where the Emperor wants to go again.

By any rational measure, this “deal” is even worse than once feared it might be.  The United States and its “cohorts in crime” – Germany, France, Great Britain, China, Russia and a representative of the European Union – give away everything and receive from Iran nothing in return.  Nothing except, of course, the enmity of Iranian hardline Islamists who would just as soon see the United States collapse as they would welcome more ISIS beheadings.

The next thing we might expect the tyrant to do is to order airstrikes against Israel – and perhaps even Saudi Arabia – to ensure that it cannot protect itself against its enemies, now including its soon-to-be nuclear weaponized foe, the Islamic Republic of Iran. It will be interesting to see if the Pentagon follows that order.

And so the Charlatan at 1600 and the feckless (and clumsy) cyclist wave over their heads a strip of bathroom tissue and proclaim that this will assure the world that it will be safer and that Iran will not get The Bomb.  The only thing missing is a guarantee that the deal will also reduce carbon emissions.

To reiterate: the Emperor is an ineligible usurper of the office.  He is precisely the type of politician John Jay had in mind when he “hinted” to George Washington that only a “natural born citizen” should be eligible to hold the nation’s highest office.

The Emperor is a common usurper.  He is not now; he never was; and he never will be a natural born citizen under Art. 2, Sec. 1, Cl. 5 of the Constitution.  He and his apparatchiks are doing more damage to the United States of America than all of the Benedict Arnolds, Julius and Ethel Rosenbergs and Jonathan Pollards have done…. combined.  And this Iranian roll of toilet paper merely fortifies that conclusion.

He must be impeached and removed from office.  Now.

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