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(Jul. 14, 2015) — WE thank every person who came and shared the day together. I am thrilled I had the opportunity to share my day with ALL of YOU. – Thank YOU!!!!!! Together – WE will Keep Fighting!!!!!

It was a great day for a picnic gathering. Fun was had by all who attended; $900 in cash and prizes were won. Many dozens of other small items were given away. SCOPE raised a sizable amount for the legal fund. It wasn’t a huge crowd but every single attendee was a solid dedicated patriot – ready, willing and able to continue OUR fight for FREEDOM and LIBERTY. It is an honor for each of US to know one another.

Connected people came from the COUNTIES of Westchester, Putnam, Orange, Ulster, Dutchess, Columbia, Albany, Saratoga, Lewis, Oneida, Delaware, Chenango, Broome, Tioga, Chemung, Yates, Monroe, Oswego and probably other counties. WE picnicked and networked for many hours. When the Banner Truck left at 4:00 p.m., there were about eight picnics with tables filled and 40 bikers in the parking lot still having a good time.

The festival wasn’t dominated by political speakers – I thought that was great. Personally, I am fed up with being hammered to elect any incumbent – they ALL need replacing. IMO – it is high time for politicians to listen instead of preach nonsense. If they come, they need to stick around after speaking – and LISTEN!

The politicians did not stick around – WE got the chance for many groups to discuss “creative ideas” in a casual atmosphere – very informative – very productive. [The politicians could have learned something…]

RESULTS: The “Memo of Understanding” is garbage. It smells as bad as the performance of this year’s Albany legislature. WE must BOYCOTT ALL political parties and every incumbent legislator. They ALL sold out the people of New York AGAIN – they are ALL second-rate, incompetent and even “worse.”

NOTE: I hope there will be more summer events like this one. I will Stay Tuned – hope you will, too.

Keep Fighting – FULL Repeal of the Safe Act will come.

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