by Bob Russell, blogging at Conservative Daily News, ©2015

(Jul. 14, 2015) — The donkey wing nuts of the NWOSP are going full bore on ridiculous. Now “rep.” Lois Capps (D-Calif) has introduced legislation to make these words “hate speech” as “discriminatory” against homosexuals and demand that they no longer be used because any gender references are “discriminatory”. What utter nonsense for Congress to spend time on but nonsense is what they do most and best.


We the People are once again being told that God and the Constitution are not welcome in America and that the evil minions of satan will do as they please to destroy this nation. Fuehrer Obama has written executive orders to disarm citizens and is readying his martial law dictates now. The Revolutionary War began when the British tried to confiscate the arms of the colonists and “the shot heard around the world” was fired. The whipping of the dictator was on. Fuehrer Obama is about to try the same tactic, and will undoubtedly find the same response. I will not comply with tyranny and have written a modern day Declaration of Independence that I hope millions of Americans will sign onto and pledge “their lives, their fortunes (if they have fortunes), and their sacred honor “with the firm reliance on the protection of divine providence” as I have done. The oath I swore to the Constitution when I enlisted in the US Army on Dec. 11, 1968 still applies and I will die upholding it if necessary but I will not renege on that oath nor the responsibility I have to past, current, and future generations to preserve the republic established by our founders. I will also not cower from my deeply held Christian values to placate people who espouse blatant sin as a normal way of life. Jesus said His followers would be hated as He was and I gladly accept the hate for the sake of my eternity with my Savior. I have absolutely no hate in my heart for homosexuals, but rather pray for their repentance and their redemption but I will not bow to political correctness that violates the Word of God. Anyone that calls me a “hater” for this is a liar and a fool.

Can the wanna-be dictators become any more insane in their political correctness??? Probably can, and very likely will do so very soon. Adolph Hitler and his minions went after the Jews, with propaganda first, unjust laws second, and then open persecution leading to the Holocaust. Fuehrer Obama and his minions are using the very same game plan today but the targets are Christians instead of Jews, for now, but he will get to the Jews in time and once homosexuals have served their purpose he will turn his moslem hordes loose to kill them. The Jewish population, like the homosexuals, are currently strong supporters of the democrat party and fuehrer Obama because they think he is for them. Apparently they are not paying attention to his strong financial and propaganda support of islamic terror groups and we all know how much moslems love the Jews!!!!!

Moslems murder homosexuals yet they are never the subjects of lawsuits or boycotts from the homosexual Gestapo. I wonder why those who murder homosexuals get a pass when refusing to takes pictures or bake cakes is so “offensive”.  Homosexuals are kinder to those who kill them than they are to those who merely don’t want to participate in what God calls sinful activity. More liberal hypocrisy. Calling homosexuals to repentance comes out of Christian love, killing them comes out of moslem hate. So why does the homosexual Gestapo spend so much effort attacking Christians who do them no harm and none on moslems who will kill them? Could it be that both groups emanate from the evil that is satan? Or is it that the homo Gestapo fears moslems but not Christians? The danger group for homosexuals is very apparent to anyone with any intelligence at all.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. Control of speech is a characteristic of totalitarian regimes. Hitler tried to get rid of foreign and Latin-based words in German. NASE means nose…from Latin. Hitler called it GESICHTSBALKON which means Face Balcony. CHRISTMAS is WEIHNACHTEN but the Communist German government after the war in East Germany called it JAHRESENDFEST (End of the Year Holiday). The next pejoratives in the USA will be CHRISTIAN,REPUBLICAN,and CONSTITUTIONALIST. All other groups should take heed as THEY will be next…no matter how trendy or IN they deem themselves to be today. ASK NOT FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS!