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(Jul. 12, 2015) — Money talks. All by itself, money speaks. Sometimes the message is horrible, as the phrase “Nazi Gold” conveys. At other times, the message is clear and straightforward and makes a lot of people who still retain their common sense after six years of Obama glad that they’re not the only ones left with a brain who can extrapolate the facts and arrive at the correct conclusion.

I have spoken and written thousands of words about the pitfalls of following a seemingly mindless self-destructive foreign policy platform that grew out of the Ivy League’s disillusioned belief that it’s possible to get something for nothing; that success is a given and doesn’t require prolonged dedication and commitment (we call such activity “work”), and that “government money” is there for the wasting and skimming, never giving it a thought that it’s our money, we the taxpayers’, and we wouldn’t steal from ourselves, now would we? No, we wouldn’t, but Washington can, does, and did, which is why we’re in debt, as in National Debt.

Nationally-respected and highly-regarded professors of economics teach that carrying debt is good for business, that a healthy business has a “healthy debt.” I’ve gotten into a number of heated arguments with such professors by first stating, “You don’t know what you’re talking about and you’re teaching this course?” Remember Ben Franklin’s “Neither a borrower nor lender be”? Well, that same philosophy is applicable to businesses and countries as well, or it certainly should be.

The United States has no business being in debt. Why, as we were kicking the Iraqi Army out of Kuwait, people were anticipating lower gas prices. Surely, they thought, Kuwait’s rulers would reimburse us for saving their cash cow (oil wells). The same goes for the people of Iraq: we get rid of Saddam Hussein and his diabolical sons, Uday and Qusay, and they pay us back for the favor, as in a barrel of oil for $10 USD: “Happy Days are Here Again.”

Not. Not one drop of oil has come our way. And it took Obama to raise the price of gas just weeks after he took (yes, “took”) over the presidency. So rather than the American taxpayer getting reimbursed for the expenditure of saving a bunch of ungratefuls, we get stuck with the bill AND we’re forced to pay for the expansion of Islam throughout the world by paying more at the gas pump. Every day this goes on, all around the world.


Okay, so what if it is an old record, stuck in the groove, repeating the same word for the last 1,400 years: “Beware. Beware. Beware.”  Well, it hasn’t worked, has it, because if it did work we wouldn’t be having any problems with the savages, now would we? As if 9-11, Fort Hood, the Beltway Sniper, the Boston Bombing, the beheadings, the murders and the premeditated “honor killings” would’ve happened on the same day had Americans and the rest of the world awakened from ignoring the pitfalls of being complacent and ignorant of the very real and telling danger that Islam foretells for the West? Probably not. Look, read about Sweden and the other European countries having Sharia shoved down their throats because their politicians don’t have the guts, the love for Western Civilization, to raise their little finger. There are exceptions (FITNA), but they’re “Blowing in the Wind.”

Deport Muslims from each and every civilized country.


A couple of years ago they staged a big rally in Charlotte, NC, for the illegal immigrants, promoting asinine programs such as the “DREAM Act” and “Amnesty,” or so I thought. I was expecting to see posters supporting “pathways” and “speakee Spanish press numero 1,” but all I saw was “Driving Drunk Our Way of Life” and “Stop Giving Us Tickets for a Little DUI.” Really. Not one word about “citizenship” or “naturalization lawyers in the Yellow Pages.” They were, thousands of them, all gathered in one place: would’ve been a piece of cake to round them up, easy as pie, and deport them. Another “Not!” They (the illegal immigrants) yelled, hollered and cried “pleeze to lets our mens go. We drive drunk: it is our way,” way into the sunset, and not one was arrested or deported.

ISLAM and the “Ground Zero Mosque,” remember?

MACHO and murdered Americans, daily, mostly from drunk driving, but every other method under the sun has been permissible.

And Donald Trump is right on the money. You know how you can tell? The stronger Trump gets, the more attacks he gets. The establishment is afraid of Trump because they can’t control him. They want him to “tone it down.” Tell that to the parents of a child who was murdered by a Muslim on 9-11 or by a Macho drunk driver that ran a stoplight and, well, you get the picture: it happens every day.

Deport. Deport every Muslim and every illegal immigrant. There can be only one possible outcome from inaction, and after extrapolating the facts we are left with only one possible conclusion: we become who we think we are or we no longer have a country.

Semper Fi


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