by Cody Robert Judy, ©2015

(Jul. 7, 2015) — The intensity was palpable – ‘Hanging by a Thread’ – ‘Not Dead’.. Yet’ – had all been used to describe Judy v. Obama 14-9396, the most intense case in the Land of Birtherdom which thus far had just refused to die in the Supreme Court of the United States. Most Americans would never know the burden that lay upon a man who had sought for Justice but had not found it for what seemed an entire lifetime. Again he was on the all-too-familiar ‘chopping block,’ waiting for news from those in high seats of authority, wondering if Justice would gain a foothold or whether for a myriad of political reasons the Justices would impart to Justice what they felt was best for everyone, leaving him the dark night for which the trespasses of Justices would be shouldered yet another day.

Few could comprehend the magnitude of the burden that lay upon his shoulders as he had fought and clawed his way back to the United States Supreme Court for the third time in his life. No one understood that the Constitution had been shredded for many years to him by the facts that all would agree that evidence was due to anyone in a Criminal Action, but his had been denied to him. That in and of itself was the proposal of malcontent by those who stated they esteemed Justice, but tied it in so many double knots that its simplicity was often unrecognizable.

For many, Justice, like journalism, had become so lazy in a multi-leveled parking garage that fast-food was the home-cooked meal and the real deal did not exist. Americans could not remember where they had parked their own car because it required remembering for longer than the new eight seconds which pushed the limits of their attention span on the super fast computer highway they called the Internet. The only eight seconds that was still in tact as the real eternity was understood by a dying bread of bull-riders who strapped themselves on a two ton giant hoping to hang on long enough to win that purse which would get them to their next rodeo ride; and to those still waiting for this web page to pop up the government purposely slow tracked for their own advantage.

He could already count the people who were boiling mad at him for placing three paragraphs in front of the BREAKING NEWS, but he didn’t care. He hadn’t been elected by the fast, friendly, and convenient crowd and he preferred making home-cooked meals the time to cook which would have had three people fired at McDonald’s for insubordination by now. There were definite advantages to speed but in some things taking the time was well worth the wait. Some things could wait; Like his first wedding he was twenty minutes late for. She still married him.


It was one year ago today I filed this Case. Many people have been asking me what is happening with the Case and why they have not seen the ‘APPLICATION FOR AN EXTENSION OF TIME,” now read 3,421 times on the Internet SCRIBD Page since it was uploaded six days ago. That’s quite a lot for something that is as boring as ‘Court Filings’ on a Case presumed to be Dead, if you ask me.

What has happened? Why is it not docketed on your Case No. 14-9396? Was it even filed? Well, yes it was filed, and it is docketed.

What the Supreme Court of the United States of America did was make a subdivision and assigned that Application its very own Court Case number which is understood to be Judy v. Obama 15A25. Yeah, that’s kind-of cool if you didn’t know they could do that.

There are some positives and some negatives associated with it; I’ll explain. When an APPLICATION is made to the Court it is governed by Rule 22 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of the United States. Part 4 of that rule explains very clearly why the whole Case is on the chopping block with this decision and could simply be blown away by the Justice governing individual applications for the Tenth Circuit which is Justice Sotomayor.

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  1. Mr Rostron- Thank you for your kind regard from across the Pond. The attention of the Highest is also Noticed here we are most grateful for: and that Which is in need of attention shall not stand poor or beholden to any for that work shall prosper and none shall hold it back. Tiz only those who held back that shall see their shame and poor state.


  2. Amazing that the USA can’t raise $5000 to remove an imposter dictator president. It’s true, the people get the rulers they deserve.
    Regards from across the pond