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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2015

Will Trump double down or buckle under?

(Jul. 6, 2015) — Donald Trump needs defenders like yours truly in the same way that he needs another apprentice, which is to say… not so much.  On the other hand, the venal, mindless vitriol that is being spewed on him for speaking not only his mind, but – horror of horrors, the truth! – should not go unchallenged.

As a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court has recently demonstrated to us, if words no longer matter, can truth be far behind in the dash to further dismantle the nation’s foundations?  Trump has reacted, but that does not tell the whole story.

At the outset, let us examine what Trump said: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems to us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”  For these words, Trump is disparaged as a racist, pummeled by the media and lampooned by cartoonists.


Because the truth hurts.  More specifically, the truth spoken by Trump is the verbal equivalent of a 9-mm. hollow-point slug delivered to the Left’s incessant PC-droning that illegal aliens are a “net plus” to the nation because “all they want to do is undertake the tasks that we Americans won’t do.”

Really?  Tell that to the father of Kate Steinle, who was shot and killed last week as she and her father walked along Pier 14 in the oh-so-PC “sanctuary city” of San Francisco.  The municipality was selected by the killer – Francisco Sanchez – as his preferred nesting place specifically because he knew that, as a sanctuary city, he would be safer from apprehension by the federales.

So, thanks to the now-deadly PC insanity of the goofs in charge of the “City by the Bay,” a 7-time felon, 5-time deportee illegal Mexican alien enjoyed a sanctuary which enabled him to take the life of a 34-year old woman… out walking…. with her father.  No doubt the ACLU will rush to his defense.  No parent should suffer the loss of a child, and no parent should have to endure the abject venality of a system that elevates the rights of illegal alien felons and murderers over those of innocent Americans.  Yet that is the goal of the regime at 1600.

He will deny it, of course, but the blood of Kate Steinle – and hundreds, if not thousands, of other victims of illegal Mexican aliens – is on the Emperor’s hands, thanks to his “y’all c’mon in” amnesty and illegal alien-coddling policies.  True to form, the Emperor’s current propaganda flack, Josh Earnest, offered up that the regime “would not comment” on the murder… other than to “comment” that it was likely the result of the Republicans’ failure to act on the Usurper-in-Chief’s immigration “reforms.” What arrogant, mendacious hypocrites these creatures are.

The unchecked (and unregulated by design) tsunami of illegal aliens flooding into this country is rapidly turning the nation into a far more dangerous place, not only for civilians, but for those assigned to protect us.

Question: how many police officers have been killed by illegal aliens since the Emperor took office in 2009?  Answer: no one really knows, because no government agency tracks crimes by illegal aliens against law enforcement officers, including murders.  Rumors persist that this failure to track is the result of an executive order commanding such omission, but those are unconfirmed.   But would it surprise anyone if found to be true?  However, there have been news reports across the nation of dozens, if not scores, of such murders since 2008.  And that doesn’t even count the assaults on officers where no death ensues.

To paraphrase a slogan currently in vogue: “Cops’ lives matter.”

Moreover, independent studies show that the number of criminal illegal aliens being released by the regime into the general population to commit further crimes has risen exponentially since the regime took office in 2009 following the charade election of 2008.  One is tempted to ask “whose side are these guys on, anyway?”  Wait… don’t answer that… I am already depressed enough.

Question: how many of those crimes, including murders of innocent civilians and law enforcement personnel, would have happened if the illegal alien perpetrators had been deported and kept out by a robust enforcement protocol instead of the feckless charade now pursued by the regime?  Answer: zero.  Memo to the Emperor and Flack Josh Earnest: first do the math…, then do the wall.  Now.

Donald Trump should take a tip from a blackjack player: double down, then double down again and tell these hypocrites to choke on their own tofuburgers.  And to those who continue bleating that illegal aliens are a net plus for the nation, tell them, politely if course: bullsnow.

Stated otherwise, legal immigrants, ¡si!  Illegal aliens, ¡no!

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  1. The RNC should hang its head in shame for

    Jeb: (Illegal) immigration is an “act of love.” (oh, really? Let’s ask the family of victims of crimes perpetrated by illegals)

    Perry: “I will never support those (Trump’s) comments” (oh, really? Didn’t Perry mention last year that he was worried not about the children coming but of the “murderers, rapists, and drug runners” ?
    Another example of flip flop not unlike John Kerry.

    Graham: “If he can’t run a mattress company (ie Serta) how can he be president?” (oh, really? Mr. Graham’s snarky comment, which one might hear in some kind of boozy bar, does not seem “presidential” either.)

    The list goes on, but they ALL sound like Democrats, elitists, and political smooth operators which is what AMERICA is about to REJECT in a landslide in 2016.

    The list goes on, while Trump MARCHES ON, shoulder to shoulder with those who love this country.

  2. On Fox News tonight they showed clips of both Rubio and Bush saying Trump does not represent the Republican Party in his Immigration comments. His rebuttal should be:

    “You are darn right, I represent the people not just the Party”

    Then he should ask:

    1 “Why some are running for President if they do not understand Art.2, Sec.1, Cls. 5 of the US Constitution?”
    2 “If they DO NOT support that Section How will the American people believe they will support and defend the whole US Constitution?”

  3. We have dozens of “well wishers” and “do gooders” lining up for POTUS RNC entitlement! Cruz and Rubio are NOT Art. 2 legal for POTUS and their offices have not returned any answer to the P&E about such questions as it would expose their corruption and ignorance of our Constitution. We have an illegal “dual citizen” POTUS now and don’t need any more! Pelosi and Biden falsified the White House Occupants papers in 2008 and we have had copies for years and no one wanted to know anything about it. We need a strong businessman in leadership that is a business man and not a politician that is joining the RNC cabal that has backed down for 8 years now while they protect their job positions and America has sunk to lows never imagined while DNC Operatives have stolen record sums and damaged America to beyond a 25 years fix. When will we see the judicial allow prosecution of DNC criminals and stop illegally blocking of Criminal Presentments to allow prosecution and Discovery? Misprision Of Felony is rampant with oath takers at all levels. We will need a bus fleet to take all of them to the prisons.