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(Jun. 30, 2015) — New managers want the past erased, new and (not all of the time) improved rules and regulations posted. Often, depending on the budget, the offices are repainted in exciting bold colors; different office furniture; perhaps the complete rearrangement of the cubicles; new titles, maybe even name tags. The guard near the front entrance is now referred to as “The Receptionist.”

And the manager’s reason is…to make his mark: Beware, one and all! A new kid is in town! I’ve seen it all, the paintings and the titles, the reassignments and the “New Beginnings” handbook, as if the worker ants, the meek employees, can’t tell the differences in what kind of hype they have to put up with in order to do their jobs so they can get ahead and bring home more money. Yes, love of the job is important, and we all like starving artist stories, but what we all like better is a little bit of security, and the best form of security comes in two packages: money in the bank and the means to defend oneself.

So here’s the message to all of you up-and-coming managers out there: forget the hype; just concentrate on letting the employees do their job. It’s like the government: get rid of all these draconian taxes and let the businesses do what they do best: make money. The government doesn’t make jobs, except if they’re on the downslide, heading toward Socialism and, eventually, elimination from the chessboard of successful enterprises.

Here’s one for you: since the beginning of time, as it were, the USA has had a “Death Tax,” which is, to put it in polite terms suitable for young people to read, a means of Big Business to take the Family Farm. That’s right, it’s the same old story, election year after election year: “If I’m elected, I’ll do this and that.” Guess what? We’re all still waiting. Remember the last elections, when the Republicans said if they take over the House and Senate, they’d repeal Obamacare? They lied to us, and not one of them has been tarred and feathered and run out of town. Not one. And they expect us to reelect them, in any capacity, including president.

When I ran for president I said to keep the money, the perks, the vacations: that my VP and I would fix our problems and then we’d be O-U-T. Not one nano-second spent on “fund raising” and “reelection” nonsense. Every minute spent on raising money, campaigning for politicians somewhere in the country, and running for another term just takes time away from doing the job that must be done.

That is to say, if you care about the country. If you don’t give a hoot, you vacation and play golf. Imagine, a president playing golf while young soldiers are getting maimed and killed in some Godforsaken worthless pile of rocks and sand.

I was a superintendent on a construction project and the work scheduled for that particular day was up top, but it rained the night before and the dew was especially thick that morning. Because the humidity was so high, it was slippery as ice. I went topside to check the conditions and changed the schedule, which gave me a headache for the next week, but I wouldn’t send my troops into a condition that I wouldn’t go in myself. Maybe if the president or some of the Generals and Admirals experienced really bad ROE’s (Rules of Engagement), maybe, just maybe, more of our troops would come home in one piece.

A new manager wants to wipe the slate clean, to erase any evidence of the previous administrators, to eliminate the memory of the past, go from failures to successes.  It just doesn’t make any difference: to the victor goes the privilege of writing history in his image. Sometimes they get it right; often times they get it wrong. Very wrong.

Take Islam, for instance. Before Mohammed: nothing. No human history worth mentioning. Cave men? What cave men? Polychrome cave paintings? Must be destroyed. Obliterated. And if you think for just one New York minute that the pyramids of Egypt had a “Free Pass,” you haven’t been paying attention. And, yes, Stonehenge is on the wish list of ISIS to be dynamited, just as the statues of Buddha in Afghanistan were.

“Erasing” history doesn’t do anybody any favors, unless one chooses to go through life on this planet ignorant. Wasting resources on repainting the office may give the new manager the satisfaction of accomplishing something, but it doesn’t actually change anything. Blowing up and destroying human artifacts that were carved and constructed before (or after Mohammed) Islam only diminishes our understanding of the past: what the previous generations of humans had to contend with in order to survive. Irrespective of Islam, art, in its myriad of forms, is a needful human requirement. Music, plays, satire and comedy that generate laughter are what make humans “human.” Shakespeare said it all, or just about as much as one can get in explaining the human condition.

Ignoring the Confederate Battle Flag’s existence is no different than blowing up Michelangelo’s statue of Moses), or burning Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch.” Pretending something doesn’t exist for the sake of “political correctness” is just another form of bigotry. The reason the Civil War was fought was for States’ Rights, while the slave issue was an afterthought.  After all, 97% of Southerners didn’t own slaves and were as much in economic dependency as the Welfare recipients of today.

And so the common denominator between the “politically-correct” Obots  and  Muslims who destroy artifacts is . . .


Semper Fi


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