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by New York State Grassroots Groups

New York’s SAFE Act restricting firearms magazines and reclassifying many weapons for registration was passed in January 2013 following the Sandy Hook shootings in Connecticut the previous month

(Jun. 28, 2015) — SPECIAL NOTE: Thank you to the thousands of people that engaged in OUR efforts for FULL Repeal of the SAFE Act this year. While WE did not achieve OUR goal (yet), your time, effort and money were not wasted. Success is in the try. WE learned a lot – it’s knowledge in the bank.

God Bless everyone who has tried to make a difference…….Keep Fighting!!!!!!!!!

You should know that FULL Repeal of the SAFE Act was close at hand during this legislative session. In the final week of the session the Republican Senate made sure the effort was scuttled. The Senate illegally passed the Seward Amendment bill that had NO chance in the Assembly and NO chance of being enacted. The Republicans knew that fraudulent action would squash all chances of FULL Repeal to move forward.

YOU have been betrayed by YOUR LAWLESS CORRUPT Senator. There are NO exceptions.

“The Big Ugly” (rent control bill) has passed and is now being implemented. This is another sad day for New York. It’s rightfully called “The Big Ugly” because it rapes the people of money, rights and makes OUR lives more difficult while padding the coffers and perpetuating the power of those who hold public office.

Once again they passed laws that affect every one of US but not one legislator has even read it. What they ALL do know is that this is a vessel that makes a lot of corruption possible. Again, it was passed with an illegal “message of necessity.” What is even worse – they knowing and wantonly planned it that way.

Please read (below) the final message that was sent to every legislator.

[The Proper Answers]

The “Rent Control” issue contains one correct word – CONTROL.
Legislators are “CONTROLED” and not allowed to be good lawmakers.

The so called “rent Control Bill” is an accumulation of decades of gifts and favors – some may be good but some absolutely bad – corrupt and criminal. The legislation needs to be divided and put forth in many bills instead of one. This is not possible at this time – so this monster will continue. With the facts considered we put forth the following:

The proper Answer:

Extend the current rent control bill until September to gain proper review of the new edition. This is the only way to achieve any degree of decent governing.

The procedures used and negotiations of the rent control bill are absolutely corrupt. And, by anyone’s reasonable definition, CRIMINAL.
It is corrupt and sinful to vote on a bill you have not read or do not completely understand.
It is impossible to understand the numerous pieces of the omnibus rent control bill in a number of hours and even a couple of days. Do NOT allow a vote. Do NOT cast your vote.
The vote MUST be stopped. It can be stopped but, if there is no courage you must abstain.
If you abstain from voting you do not sell your soul by approving of corrupt or bad parts of legislation for the sake of obtaining credit for a pittance of good things for some constituents.
By abstaining from voting you give up credit for a pittance of good things in legislation but are not responsible for the overall bad legislation.
95% of the citizens of New York are ashamed of the state’s legislators.
99% of the legislators are ashamed of their colleagues’ conduct.
The world calls Albany a cesspool!
New York is a disgusting place and its politicians are to blame.
Message to ALL legislators: stop looking in your pocket – start looking at your soul.
Message to ALL voters: BOYCOTT ALL legislators that cast a yes or no vote for wrongful procedures and willingness to be controlled by bribes and threats.

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