by Cody Robert Judy, ©2015

(Jun. 26, 2015) — The acid reflux button is churning in America between the political parties of the Republicans and Democrats with the Presidential Candidacies of Rubio, Cruz and Jindal and, of course Obama, as illegal. It’s as if an illegal substance has been distributed to everyone in the room, everyone’s got a stash, everyone’s smoking it, experiencing the high of an altered ego or the Constitutional Perception of Reality.

Both parties are cooking our Liberty in a microwave, from the inside out. Of course if there is no Law, the altered reality of the party scene goes on. Judy v. Obama 14-9396 is the last chance for a normalcy, a Constitutional Reset Button. To wake up the Party so Americans can at least get a grip on hope and trust again.

That is exactly what the United States Supreme Court was designed for, you know, the greatest watchdog of liberty and respected authority of the Constitution. With the Constitution as a standard, our individual rights protected from a bullying majority. But the Republicans and Democrats are so cooked up on illegal substances now the only thing that is going to save our Country is a Constitutional Reset Button, if you will, from the TOP DOWN. Support is needed for that.

Hey, I don’t have anything against a good party at all. However, when it goes on and on and on, those attending never have a chance to sober up and get straight. Get back to normal.. or in this Case get back to the standard of the Constitution. Some have said after the week’s decisions of the United States Supreme Court that it’s evidence enough that we are just too far gone and there are too many people in high places involved and toking it up at the Barry Soetoro Party in an altered state of reality they seem bent on maintaining. When you’re all cooked up on pills and grass, there’s not a Constitutional Principle that you can’t let go of. The altered dimension is enslaving and destructive all at the same time.

Did Democrats ever think that Obama would abandon them and become the favorite son of the Republicans when they elected him? This week Congress handed over all global trade authority to Obama and immigration authority to the UN while Democrats, including Rep. Nancy Pelosi, started scratching her head at the two certifications she signed in 2008 for Obama, one of which had to be an altered reality in order to fly. The Washington Times got a whiff of what was being lost as it pondered again,..“Can I see that birth certificate?” in the Order of finding Obama ineligible to serve and sign as the Executive Branch Chief.

The “Republican” Supreme Court stood with Obama to protect unconstitutional socialized medicine breaking the backs of middle Americans who can no longer afford it. When you have to have a $7,000 deductible in the bank at all times in order to go to the doctor, it’s pretty much a forgone conclusion the back of Middle America is being broken with an incentive to fall off to the poor side.

The poor simply will stay poor because they have a $7,000 deductible incentive never to become middle class, ever compliments of the Barry Soetoro Party. They won’t ever get the deductible and will remain on the poor side getting health insurance for free, but their American Dream is also being wiped out. Well, ACA is not really free; remember, it’s being financed by, or should we say, on the backs of the middle class whose ground is crumbling every day like the buffalo of Old America being run over the cliffs to collect their hides.

Look at Cody Robert Judy v. Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro et.al., as it is written on the Motions and Petition as a Writ of Certiorari. The last post you can see has a Motion that was delivered to the Court, and here’s the link for the Original Petition viewed now well over 3,000 times.

Look at how the United States Supreme Court altered the Case Heading themselves. It was altered by the court clerks to read Cody Robert Judy v. Barack H. Obama President of the United States. When have you ever seen the heading of a case changed by the United States Supreme Court to read the way they liked it?


Hitting the Constitutional Reset Button and recognizing Obama was never qualified for the Office of the President by the standards of the United States Constitution would indeed call into question everything signed and recommended by Obama, even his choice for Vice President. Think about every executive order, every ACT of Congress that has been submitted to the Executive Branch for Obama’s signature? This is the magnitude of Judy v. Obama 14-9396, because if it is won in the U.S. Supreme Court and Cody’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012 and 2016 are seen as Damaged by the usurpation of an Empirical Obama Reign in both the ability to get contributions and voter support by the injustice then Congress really looks foolish not to open and have a QUALIFICATION/DISABILITY IMPEACHMENT HEARING that would end Obama’s Party.

How many Americans would want Obama’s Party to end? How many Americans are supporting a candidate for President who has done the work at protecting our national security, and has as a Presidential Candidate a Case to do just that in the United States Supreme Court, with all the talk and chatter going on in the mainstream media now about the 2016 Presidential Elections in headlines every day?

Judy v. Obama 14-9396 is the only Case now in the United States Supreme Court that has a chance of hitting the Reset Button, Americans.

Thank you for considering this, passing it on, and supporting us. Please don’t expect things to get better without a Constitutional Reset. Donald Trump entering the ring as a talking Birther against those who are not Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents on one hand, and not ‘doing anything’ about it on the other, isn’t going to work. In fact Mr. Trump, now gaining momentum in the Republican Polls, has already accepted Obama as his President. He calls Obama “President” almost every day.

That is the talk you should hear, and the action or record of support that counts in the job description for U.S. President if words matter. Mr. Trump has not given my Civil Cases in the U.S. Supreme Court a single dollar, its a big fat zero, and that goes for all the Republican Candidates. Trump’s name recognition is also zero in the United States Supreme Court against Obama’s ineligibility. Mr. Trump is very poor in this regard and Mr. Judy is much richer than Mr. Trump.

In the consideration for the Office of the President of the United States, Americans really need to consider which Bank Account really Counts. The account in preserving, protecting, and defending the United States Constitution and the biggest threat to that coming from Obama aka The Barry Soetoro Party. This was the name the man named Obama is recorded as attending High School as and he was an adopted Indonesian Citizen and portrayed himself that way according to those he attended High School with.

“Thus even the Court’s interference with the heading of my Case”, Judy says, “is an altering of identity, the likes of which are fraudulent to the original case. Removal or alteration of identification from property, that the alteration of my Case represents for the Court as placed on the Docket as being mine, or my property, is a Criminal Offense that needs to be SPOT LIGHTED by the Main Stream Media so that the Justices see it. Its just not right and goes right along the lines of allowing Obama to commit fraud upon the American People with a fabricated long form birth certificate and draft registration as well as the problems highlighted with numerous other forms of identification with Obama that have never had a hearing in the Judicial or Legislative Branches of our Government on the merits.

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