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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2015

“What difference does it make?”

(Jun. 25, 2015) — Hillary is always looking for the enemy to paint red.  Americans must make sure she is the ‘first’ woman President and the ‘champion’ of the people.  These are the stilted messages thrown in our faces over and over by Hillary.  Now we see the next distorted message – the ‘evil’ Confederate flag.  In speech after speech Hillary shrieks with passion that the flag has to go and should never have been.  Bring it down, tear it down and make it disappear.  It is racist to the core.

Her positioning is classic and miraculous in its own right since the campaign slogan for Clinton and Gore was the Confederate flag in the 2012 election cycle.  Before that, Bill Clinton supported the Confederate flag and was known to golf at golf courses that wouldn’t allow blacks.  Now, magically, as in all the other magic Hillary tries to pull out of her hat, she is our racial champion and demands the Confederate flag come down everywhere.

Hillary naturally would never have been in support of displaying the Confederate image.  No, it was way beyond supporting the Confederate displays. She and Bill were into selling campaign buttons, branding the Clinton name and campaign with it and making tons of money while they did that.  Bad flag – Bad flag.

Remember as Hillary roars forward as our magical champion that she studied and did her thesis on Saul Alinsky.  She is a committed master of creating diversion, lies, chaos, stalling, playing the victim, creating and targeting pretend enemies and doing it with lying flair.

Missing servers and emails; dead bodies and Benghazi lies, lies about her involvement and use of the Confederate flag, jumping on the mob wagon of contrived race wars, attacking Christians and insisting we must change regarding gay marriage…on and on the transformation from hell is to continue.  Will we put  another ‘corruption machine’ like Hillary in the White House?

Don’t wake up and smell the coffee anymore.  The coffee given to us all long ago is rancid, and now our breath smells and stomachs hurt.  Throw it out and toss your mug in the garbage.  Now, join me with a Diet Coke, hot dog and chips.  I will sit down and eat with you just as soon as I put my ‘Bitter Clinger’ gun and Bible on the table.

Hillary and Obama must go, and they can also take with them their UN-American – progressive agenda to transform America into ‘Lego’-size action figures.

America will rise again and will stand with her hand in God’s.  Hillary and Obama will fall due to their own lies and deceit in the face of God and the American people.

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