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(Jun. 23, 2015) — Real improvement in government comes from “bottom-up” restructuring. How do we find and promote new people into office? It begins by US asking people to help find better candidates for office.

FREE Committeemen CAN change the NY Power Structure: Now – right now – is the time for petitioning to become a Committeeman. Now – right now is the time for US to change the NY power structure.

I am a FREE Committeeman. I am currently petitioning for my next term as Committeeman. While going door to door to collect my signatures I am giving every voter the following flyer:

This Is A Call To Seek, Find And Elect NEW People To Office.

This Is Our Opportunity To Effectuate Change Directly From Our Local Neighborhoods.

As we all know, our government is currently “lacking.” Most of our elected officials fail our expectations. We need a meaningful change in State, County and Local elected officials. Yes. We desperately need “new blood.”

Currently government is run by “Top-Down” power brokers. Good government can only come when citizens change that process back to a “Bottom-Up” process. Good representation comes when ordinary citizens help find new people to run for office.  Please help us find and encourage new government leadership.

Hello, my name is ___________________. I am one of your local Committeemen. As a Committeeman one of my responsibilities is to collect voters’ signatures for candidates’ petitions to get on the ballot. In addition; I am your connection between your political parties. The Committeeman is the person that you can voice your opinions to. The Committeeman should then relate your concerns to the political party. Yes, the Committeeman is the “bottom up” voice – your personal neighborhood representative. The Committeeman is also the person who can enable new people to be elected to office.

This is a call to you to help seek new candidates for office. If you know someone that you feel would make a good State Senator, State Assemblyman or any county or local representative I urge you to pass their name and contact information to me. I will then interview these people and help them become a candidate for office. ALSO: Please spread the word. Together we CAN greatly improve our government.

Hope to hear from you. Thank you.

Name __________________
Phone __________________

NYS Committeeman

End of Flyer Please read on.

Call the current elected officials bad, incompetent, corrupt, weak or just “inadequate” – any term that you use results in the right answer – NY has bad government. If you spend time in Albany you quickly learn that it is the blind leading the blind. The weak legislators live in fear of corrupt leadership. Nothing – nothing at all is even considered on the basis of integrity, principle or what is best for citizens. Everything is done for platitude. Appeasement is the rule and there are no exceptions. The “power structure” is designed to continually perpetuate the same bad governance. The insanity is truly mind-boggling.

The answer is a return to “bottom-up” choosing of elected officials. “Bottom- up” means the Committeemen find and support new candidates. At this time the process is upside down. The leadership chooses candidates and the Committeemen just go along with the “top-down” choices.

I am a Committeeman but that does not make me defend bad leadership or weak “soldiers.” The fight we are in is NOT R vs D or even political – it is the people vs BAD Government.

WE must admit that New York has big problems with those in office. WE must tear down the current “power structure” IMO – it is wrongful to give a politician a pass because of any “affiliation.”

YOU can become a FREE Committeeman. YOU can ask people to help find new people to elect. For further information contact Al at albel1@aol.com

Please spread the word to anyone and everyone – WE need all hands on deck – thanks.

OUR Grassroots Coalition is tens of thousands strong. We motivate and inform through FREE Email only. We share inspiration, ideas, suggestions and worthy events – but NEVER YOUR email address.

Join US by emailing albel1@aol.com ……….”Sign Me Up”

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