JUDY V. OBAMA 14-9396 – SUPPORT GROWS 250,000!

by Cody Robert Judy, ©2015

(Jun. 23, 2015) — The task seemed simple at first “Explain What’s Happening” to me? She was at a golf match so grossly involved with all the intricacies of the match at first she thought it would be easy to tell her husband who had never seen a match. She pondered it two seconds and realized he would never understand without the time she had put in. We heard it again, “Explain What’s Happening?” This time from someone who had never seen a football game asking a coach in an NFL Playoff Game. All of a sudden the task was daunting where time and word-space limits as well as attention span all came into effect. Americans had become so engrossed with instant satisfaction they no longer cared for details unless it was a subject they themselves specialized in, but they really liked slow motion!

Such is the case with me and trying to explain to so many what is happening now in Judy v. Obama 14-9396 and the implications of everything in a combined experience of the last 6.5 years. Of course I am not a professional or licensed attorney or Mechanic and we all know sometimes they have been known to take advantage of you when you were so uninformed on a subject that you just had to write a blank check. That’s kind of what’s happened in our Government to; politicians placed in a comfy position of intelligence are gaining that unfavorable rating from the pubic that started out with a favorable trust.

Sometimes it is very hard to keep up on a Case when so much is happening. I really applaud anyone who is paying attention to this now. Can you imagine the people who haven’t read a single post yet and trying to explain this to them? You can understand how easily our Constitution has slipped out of the lime-light and into the closed chambers of the Justices and Officers of the Government. It becomes a bigger deal when those rights you simply thought would always be there suddenly are not and you find yourself a subject rather than a Citizen. All of a sudden it is a huge deal!

This has been my experience and I know how hard that is now. Within the context of the latest CONFERENCE of the United States Supreme Court that happened June 18th, 2015 let’s take a look at some very basic things many antagonist are failing to mention in their comments in an effort to discourage your support and hope. I like to bring a big picture to the party and point out details they are missing and then let you begin to enjoy the big picture as I do to.

The June 18th CONFERENCE that we WON!

What? How can you say you WON? The June 18th Conference was kinda of like a finish line because it represented a GOAL of sorts people predicted you would not get past. In fact they were so sure you would not get past it, they placed all kinds of bets against you and told all their friends there’s no way he will get past the June 18th Conference!

So, what does it mean when we got past the June 18th Conference? It means we won and it’s glorious! The losers are mumbling and grumbling with excuses that you usually here from losers, none of which change the results. Judy v. Obama 14-9396 has done something no other Birther Case in the history of Obama has done. It got past the first Conference date without suffering a death on the Dismissed List.

Now, are there more games to play and finish lines to cross?? Yes there are, and are there chances that we could win and lose at every juncture, which is kind-of like the regular games of a Season Play hoping you get to the Playoffs and Superbowl?  Yes.


Well, the U.S. Supreme Court placed me on a “Pending Motions List“. That means there are Motions before the Court PENDING that haven’t been adjudicated, but that’s better than having them adjudicated and being turned out on the Dismissed List of course which was the experience of some 165 of the 177 cases the Court took a look at June 18th. That placed us in the top 12 which was just thrilling, because just think about it: 165 Cases and the people involved in them were handed the consolation award of their “Case Number” and patted on the back and sent home, probably never to come back.

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