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by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 19, 2015) — In another case of Tennessee corruption, Spencer Curtis Schuelke was stopped for DUI by Tennessee Highway Patrolman John Welker last December 12 in what has been described to The Post & Email and reported publicly by the Knoxville News Sentinel as the “Tennessee Trooper Quota System.”

Spencer’s father, Dennis Schuelke, has appeared on numerous radio shows since his son’s false arrest exposing the systemic corruption perpetrated on innocent Tennessee citizens.

Last Friday, the cold-blooded murder of Dennis Schuelke’s cat appeared to be a warning for him to cease publicizing local government corruption.

Over the last four years, Phil Williams of Channel 5 in Nashville has been aggressively reporting on Tennessee Highway Patrolmen and county sheriff’s deputies stopping drivers, performing searches of their vehicles without a warrant, and confiscating significant amounts of cash justified by the county district attorney general and a former county sheriff.  Williams is an award-winning journalist who illustrated with video and face-to-face interviews the practice of “civil forfeiture” conducted against unsuspecting motorists traveling through the Volunteer State in his “Policing for Profit” series begun in 2011.

During the 2015 legislative session, the Tennessee General Assembly could not agree on legislative which would have put a stop to civil forfeiture laws which currently are interpreted to allow it.

In a filing with the Rutherford County Circuit Court, Spencer responded to the troopers complaint against him with a number of complaints of his own, only to have them dismissed by Chancellor Howard W. Wilson on May 26.

Over the last six years, The Post & Email has exposed a prisoners-for-profit operation run out of the Tennessee courts in conjunction with Sheriff’s and their deputies, court clerks, grand juries, trial juries, and the hand-picked grand jury foremen, who often serve for decades at the pleasure of the judge.

On Friday, The Post & Email contacted the media representative of Lieut. Gov. Ron Ramsey, leaving a voice message and asking for comment on the deep-seated corruption which has resulted in the involuntary servitude of thousands of Tennesseans over an unknown number of years. We received no response to our query.

Ramsey, who also serves as Tennessee Gen. Assembly Senate leader, extolls on his website the blessings of “freedom” which he said are “preserved and protected by the men and women of our armed forces” in his Memorial Day message.

After “failing to appear” for a hearing in April because he was not notified of it, Spencer was arrested at his place of work and jailed for a second time by members of the “Fugitive/Dangerous Major Felons Squad” dispatched by Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold.

After CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) missed a hearing after he was not notified of it through proper service, four Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at his home, broke down the door, tasered him repeatedly, injured his shoulder and nearly removed his left ear.

Spencer reported that he has received no documentation relating to the charges brought against him enumerated in three case numbers.

The younger Schuelke’s filing can be read here:  Spencer Schuelke 6-15-2015 Order of Dismissal (Judge Wilson)

The Knoxville office of the FBI has refused to launch an investigation into the deprivation of constitutional due process, seizure of assets, judicial misconduct, prisoners-for-profit operation, and false arrests perpetrated on the citizens the FBI is expected to be serving.  Fitzpatrick has previously reported “human trafficking” and of late, from the prison in which he is now housed in northwest Tennessee, violence, intimidation, death, and a second prisoners-for-profit scheme which forcibly enrolls men in classes they do not need.

County grand juries are influenced by the judicially-selected foreman, and trial juries often contain individuals ineligible to serve by law.

Incarcerated men and women perform on work details which reportedly save the state considerable sums of money and upon their release are often re-arrested on trumped-up charges.

Involuntary servitude was abolished by the passage of the 13th Amendment.

Reports of prisoners-for-profit operations run by the courts have also been reported in Louisiana, North Carolina, and Colorado.

In response to his December arrest, in February, Spencer Schuelke filed the following document with the Rutherford County General Sessions Court in Murfreesboro in which he invoked the 13th Amendment in what he referred to as his “kidnapping” by government officials.  His filing contains research on prisoners-for-profit operations in various states; how Tennessee places a surcharge on every phone call made from a county jail by an inmate; and “bonding-for-profit” which garners the bail bondsman considerable sums of money even for small infractions.

Spencer Schuelke Racketeering For Profit 35 page PDF

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  1. Dennis Schuelke cat was injured by a neighbors dog who lives within 150 yards away. As you guessed Dennis sued his neighbor too. This guy is a bitter, untrustworthy person who also turned on other neighbors including a 92 year old woman that lives directly next door in retaliation because she didn’t use his services to cut her grass. He can NOT keep a job because he can’t get along with anyone. He sues everyone and loses. This guy is a total fruitcake and coward. Simply do a little research and you can find all of this out for yourself.

    1. Even if all of that is true, it does not negate evidence of government corruption in Tennessee, on which this publication has reported extensively with documentation and eyewitnesses.

  2. We need to start a visitors boycott on Tennessee as any visitors there could also be subjected to a law system out of control and there are no channels of accountability. It is unsafe to travel there where we have seen even the citizens have no rights there and an out of state person or persons could be subject to any types of charges invented by law enforcement there that could render fines, imprisonment or a ruined life for just being there. We have also seen this type of activity by law in Louisiana a few years ago with illegal arrests, false charges, illegal imprisonments and courthouses running illegal profit menus for LEO’S/Judges/Bailiffs/Court Reporters/Admin Employees that were busted by FEDS after years of corruption and scams. It is a shame that a once great state has been ruined by Democrat Entitlement criminals who game the system no matter where they go. Administrators and employees at Volkswagen, Gibson Guitars and other large manufacturers in Tennessee have seen what pressure, damage and loss can be caused by criminal Democrat Party activity attempting to force unions or punishment for donating to conservative political groups can do caused by the Democrats and their criminal operatives. America and it’s Military have been divided by criminal activity in it’s political party battles and family “traditions” that have crippled forward progress, education, economic motion, trust in America by Foreign nations and relations with them, manipulation of corrupted fund management and theft through illegal us of SERCO using TOR and 24,000 Swiss Bank Accounts to fund terrorism to feed Democratic Controlled Contractors and base funding for their agendas. Tennessee is part of but a small part of the tip of the iceberg of Democratic corruption and manipulation of their world operation recently revealed by the Clinton’s corruption in Haiti and with the $4.3 billion dollars donated by U.S. and Euro donations. Nothing has been done there just as nothing has been done in DC while there “dual citizen” illegal POTUS is manipulated by Valleri Jarrett who is an Iranian Muslim Plant with the Chicago DNC Team for Ayers and the Terrorist Network. Obama, Holder, Jarrett and other Muslim Power Brokers must be imprisoned before the U.S. damage is irreversible. While we allow American Veterans to be illegally stripped of their rights and illegally imprisoned/tortured/beaten/threatened in our American Prison System-we enable another day of sabotage of the Constitution and freedom in America. Cowards rule by majority as we have been seeing for over 6 years now. Karma is coming around.

  3. It is my understanding that Sheriff Robert Arnold mentioned in the article is under a narcotics investigation(Good!)….but he is innocent until proven guilty. If you know of any prisoner who has been affected by local corruption please speak up….they need your support since the system is rigged against them once they are labeled “prisoner”.
    If the court gets over that first hurdle of declaring a person a prisoner…..they own them for life.A prisoner is never really free again. The purpose of prison should be to rehab the person and recondition them to live without resorting to crime……not to cage them, work them, beat them,deny them medical treatment or undermine their dignity as a human being.
    This article is spot on about what is happening in TN and many other state courts. The cover up is huge. Please pray for all prisoners who have become victims of this horrendous scheme.
    God Bless All and be safe